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Forum ias cgp

Topic created · 4 Posts · 480 Views
  • Hi all

    The new batch of forum ias cgp cohort 3 will start from tomorrow the duration is of 4 hour

    I will also join anthropology classes in august, duration of 2-3 hour may be
    So the total duration of classes alone will be 6-7 hours result very less time for self study

    I already spent 3 year in preparation and never attended any coaching gave attempt in 2015 &2018 but not qualified already completed basic book.... now i seriously think i need guidance and coaching,i can't join vajiram coz vaji will start ans writing from November

    But as my 6-7 hour will be consume in coaching i will left with very meagre time for studies,although my optional coaching will end in oct or max nov

    So is it advisable to join the gs classes??
    And plz also tell me any good anthropology classes in orn

  • anyone??

  • @Raillife my take on ur problem is that since u have given 2 attempts I m sure u woukd have completed all the basic books and having a good enough knowledge of the recurrent issues in news. In the CGP classes they would be teaching considering all are at the same pedestal and one with prior knowledge could make better use of time imo. And more than guidance I think what we with prior experience need is the zeal to sit on the table for maximum hours day in day out and get rid of the baggage that has developed and is burdening us so much.
    Coming to the guidance part I feel module wise guidance available online like m puri for gs 2 and atul garg classes for gs 4 could help u b on track and since they r online u can increase the speed and finsih them of quickly saving u the commuting time too. Forumias ca classes r good n could serve the guidance purpose too. They r available online too.
    Through this you can save a lot of time n not be held hostage in a class room programme which you might regret later. I guess through this u can save a lot of bugs too which later can be invested in test series if u want.
    That was my opinion.

  • @Raillife sorry for the late reply.

    First make some rules regarding the prep timeline. Here are some which I follow

    1. Put Optional on autopilot.
      This means after writing prelims I will not spend more than 20% time on it.
      To make this a reality finish your optional coaching or notes compilation along with 15 years pyq (around 250 questions) by December.
      You can revise them in 20 days after prelims and can start taking tests.
      This will take around 7 hours everyday till December.

    2. Leave the Mains only portions till prelims.
      Fix the prelims study materials and revise them multiple times.Aim should be to score 80+/200 in December open tests.
      By January you can join test series or sfg to maximize it.

    Now the Mains portions I am advising you to leave are so static in nature (and have vague resource list) you can finish that in 30-40 days considering the post prelims momentum.

    1. Answer writing issue.
      If speed is not an issue answer writing can be done post prelims. As the entire focus post prelims is to maximize 1250 marks you can join value addition and answer writing programs too. BUT for this optional must be fullproof 300+.
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