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Prelims All types of Doubts Asking Thread

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  • Any doubt, Anytime, By Anyone. WE ARE HERE. Ask here, will try to address. Special welcome to Newbies and their SILLY doubts. Request to Seniors to contribute best on resolving doubts. Remember #Sharing_is_Caring. We have a #Senior_Aspirant_Social_Responsibility ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ram Ram g ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Correct !

  • Sir/Mam, 2019 will be my first attempt. Been preparing for 7-8 months now. But I am unable to score above a threshold. I have been getting 84,88,86 marks in Vision full length tests(though i did score around 100-110 in some sectionals) and around 75-80 in Insights Full length tests. Also, wanted to ask how to cover ancient india and art and culture. Till now i have done one reading of RS Sharma for ancient and for art and culture, nitin singhania's book and Class XI ncert. but still i dont feel confident while attempting their ques. What else to do? Also, will pt365 be enough for CA revision as i have not made my own notes? Can you also shed light on how to cover low profile organisations like PAGE etc. If there is any compilation for this too please share. Thanks a lot.

  • Regarding june 2019 CSE prelim: Would it be beneficial to read last year economic aurvey?

  • @HarveySpectre

    Stick to one source and do multiple revisions. Confidence is a direct function of Revisions you have done. You are likely to be more confident withe each revision. Also Art & Culture is a little high on investment and low on return.

    Lastly, you must do for CA what you have already been doing. I have seen Vision PT 365 , and if you can do it, well and good, but you may not be able to revise it a few times.

    I would recommend you to take a look at Factly from June onwards. The coverage is crisp, less and good. Also, I had the opportunity of meeting some people last year . One of the people Saurabh who secured Rank 16 this year in IFoS - just did one source - factly and then maybe took a look at the index of Vision. You can follow that strategy.

    You can see the change in his strategy in this image posted by him

    alt text

    Source :

    I can see that you are in a typical situation where you are caught between covering more syllabus and at the same time lagging in revision. Its April ( in 2 days ) so spend at least 2-3 hours revising and slowly increase the number of hours.

  • I am preparing for past 7-8 months , watching vision videos for revising everything quickly (read Laxmikanth, spectrum, sriram eco + ncert macro, Geo (GC Leong + ncert 11th 12th) all of these twice , currently watching vision polity lects for revsn , and listening to Only IAS compilations during other times))

    But now I feel I won't be able to clear this year and this is just making me worry more and my efficiency is reducing instead of boosting

    Please help

  • @tradervk96662 since Jan I am planning to give Tests on alternate days but I have given hardly 10-12 sectional tests of Vision +which I got on telegram channel) and have scored above 105 only 2-3 times,

    I m finding it difficult and tiresome to go thru the explanations of answers and after checking marks I feel I have hardly any energy left to start revsing all the parts of the subject where I got wrong answers.

  • Sir hello ....yo yo choti and newmar .....i need ur help....sir pls tell me how to clear this pre i have failed last time in i am covering current affairs from prestorming of shankar and gktoday i am very weak at eliminating options and i want to know how much should i get in vision test to be very confident in clearing pre ... and also would like to know which subject should i focus more to fetch high marks i am weak at economics but good at science and envt section history i can manage geo i can do it...pls sir ye vision pt365 karun bhi ya nhi or..shprestorming is good and gktoday

  • Yo yo choti and newar pls i want your telegram id also pls ita very difficult to come out here in forumias login evrytime

  • f20335e9-6611-40ea-9e7c-6e7e16adebe6-image.png

    Please let me know, whether gargi is brahmvadini or not?

  • @pipakhali993 not much. But still you should glance over key terms and concepts of last year eck survey in case they ask something by chance.

  • @tradervk96662 my only suggestion for you is to rethink calmly on WHY YOU STARTED IT ? As they say HOW BECOMES EASIER WHEN WHY BECOMES CLEARER. Remember this is one of the toughest formal exams you have or will undergo anytime but it's equally true that it's a great leveller exam also. If you put sustained efforts you reap the dividends sooner or later, directly or indirectly. So stay motivated and stay positive. ATB ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Is it really necessary to solve test series ? I have given 4 full length tests and I am getting between 80-90 and have given only 1 sectional test of history (vision test 6) and got 149. But, it takes around 4 hrs to give mocks and analyse answers etc. I believe multiple revision will be of much help than giving many tests and I have realized that I am doing many mistakes because I have not completed much portion, but everywhere I read, people are saying to solve many mocks and mocks. I have decided to leave ancient, medieval and still have to cover very vast portion of geography, culture etc. My mind is saying to do revision multiple times in these last 2 months and give only 4-5 full mocks every 10-12 days or so. Can anyone suggest your views regarding this ?

    TL;DR - Is it really necessary to give mocks ?

  • @BlueLambda don't confuse with objectives. Revision is for information collection and freshness. Mocks are for information processing, retrieval and application. For success in prelims you need a good balance of both.

    Practice enough it's necessary. 4 hours is less it usually takes 5 to 6 hours to do a test and analyse and note down new learnings. But it's worthy.

    My personal experience is that one should practice 20-30 mocks before going for prelims. But this should be done without bothering much about absolute scores in mocks - focus should be on learning, improvement and revision of practiced mocks .

    So do practice, but don't overdo it. Revision saath saath chalegi. There is no dichotomy, though there is lots of difficulty. But that's what every one clearing prelims with you will be/is doing. ATB

  • @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh Thanks ! I'll try to balance both.

  • @Neyawn what is factly ??sir co firm any booklet from some coaching๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

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  • @archisahni said in Prelims All types of Doubts Asking Thread:

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  • Doubt in polity.

    Laxmikanth says any court of law can't question Speaker's decision of deciding whether the bill is money bill or not. But from what I read, in Aadhaar case, SC itself examined Speaker's decision (of declaring it as money bill). Isn't this contradictory?

  • @zoidberg Can you tell me source of this SC question wala any article .. let me see into this .. maine ye padha tha mrng me hi ::

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