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  • I am thinking of buying Shubhra Mam's Postal Correspondence Course.

    Has anyone already enrolled into it? Please post ur review mentioning pros-cons.

    • Does the course worth the money(RS.8500)?
    • Her notes are also available in Xerox centres/on flavido, how do this two options differ?
    • Do mam update notes from time to time?
    • E-mail facility for doubts resolving is available, BUT are they prompt while resolving doubts?
    • Do mam provide reference material also or at least list of book other than she provided?
    • Add any points about course.
  • I am also interested . Anyone please guide. What is the difference between postal notes and the xerox available at flavido etc

  • Hi, I purchased SR PSIR Postal course last year 2018 since i'm not from Delhi, this was my first time preparing so i went with the toppers recommendation for PSIR courses which was SR mam

    1. yes i think it is worth 8500, as you get clear, spiral bound handwritten notes for all the topics covered in the optional syllabus, ( i cross checked each and every topic) but for value addition of current affairs we will have to keep up with the newspaper.
      for me the cost of 8.5 k is better than joining an optional course for 40k.
    2. Even i saw the flavido cost which was cheaper around 2k i think, but i didn't want to risk it (i didn't know what it consisted), plus i think ma'am gives the immediate preceding years class notes so it is fairly updated
    3. with the correspondence course they will give you access to a google drive where a few soft copies of imp books,toppers answer copies and most importantly previous psir test series with model answers, but current affairs are not updated as far as i know.
    4. yes they were prompt when i had doubts max gap will be a day or two
    5. for reference books watch one of her orientation videos on youtube, i remember her telling the names of books for each section
    6. the course is just this. they will ship you the books after a week of payment, then will also send you a bunch of questions for each topic to your email weekly, you will have to prepare your own answers from the notes for learning and practice purposes, you can also refer to the model answers in the google drive


    1. the weekly questions was done for Paper 1 sec A ONLY, so there were no weekly questions to check your progress for other sections of the syllabus, i think you can refer to past year questions for those sections
    2. in the notes all the topics are covered but there is no index on them so you will have to spend and hour or two to make and index for each book to easily refer when you're studying
    3. i think this is a disadvantage for postal courses, we cannot discuss the day to day happenings related to our subject like in a class room which can be used for value addition, i think this can be compensated by monthly compilations but still they wont be from the theory point of view

    overall i recommend it. the notes are legible and easy to understand and the model answers available online are all quite helpful.
    if you have more questions ask below

  • @kindle
    Thank You for such detailed review.

    Ho many days(nonths!) required to complete first reading on whole PSIR Optional?

  • @tamtar it took me about 3 months for the first reading of the notes ( when i was doing GS and Optional simultaneously) when you spend 3-4 hours everyday on optional then maximum you will take 3 months. the notes are the only thing I have read so far, not any of the recommended books so take that into consideration.

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  • Hi, If anybody needs Postal Course materials of Shubhra Ranjan, please let me know. I have two copies with same content. Earlier I had bought from xerox shop and recently I joined her test series, so, got another set.
    PS: I will not charge anything. You need to visit me in ORN.

  • @NoMatterWhat You can courier them to Mumbai?

  • @NoMatterWhat How many volumes does it consist of?

  • @NoMatterWhat hi Do you still have the notes?