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Detailed Application Form (Mains 2019) - DAF related - all issues, home state, hobbies, background etc

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  • Hello everyone!

    The DAF is scheduled to open tomorrow (August 1). This thread can be a place to post our doubts, clarifications, queries etc. @crazyphoton (AIR 1, Gaurav Agarwal) had commented on the 2014 thread, which seems quite informative.
    Some of the doubts I have, having looked at past posts/blogs on this:

    (1) Any proofs needed for hobbies?
    (2) Home state guidelines? So far, it seems like UPSC does not regulate this very seriously. I've read that as long as you show some connection (education, present address, place of birth, place of employment etc), they accept it.
    (2a) Does the interview panel get to see what we have put as home state? Because the Summary Sheet doesn't have this section (only has place of birth, mother tongue, education and work).
    (2b) crazyphoton's 2014 thread/comment suggested that home state should be optimally selected for maximum chances at getting preferred cadres (considering 2:1 outsider:insider distribution).

    Eg. Say, I have lived most of my life in Delhi (school, college, work) and want AGMUT as my first preference. But I was born in Katra (Jammu & Kashmir), and this is there in my passport. My mother tongue is Kashmiri.

    My doubts:

    (a) Can I say my Home State is J&K? If yes, then when I put AGMUT as preference 1, it will make me an outsider and increase my chances at getting AGMUT (since vacancies are filled, 2:1). I know the rules say that if you do not put Home State as preference 1, it automatically becomes the last preference. Not an issue, since I would ideally like to avoid working/living J&K in any case (for personal and professional reasons).
    The prompt in the DAF (based on previous years) says, "Sl. No. 14. Having regard to the answers given against columns on 6 (mother tongue), 7 (place of birth), 13 (parents' profile) and 14 (educational qualifications), which is the state you would claim as Home State?". In my example, it's literally in the middle - 6,7 [J&K] and 13, 14 [Delhi].

    (b) In case (a) is acceptable, can it impact the interview? As far as I can tell, the interview panel will only have the Summary Sheet which has the Place of Birth mentioned, but not what you claim as your home state. I know they will see the Educational Background (which will say Delhi for school and college), but I am ready to prepare accordingly about J&K and Delhi.

    Hope this thread can help all of us clear our similar and unique doubts. Good luck!

  • what i do if i don't have ews ceritificate for upsc daf filling

  • What is full address of issuing authority for obc ncl certificate

  • For DU students , graduation certificate is provisional certificate given by particular college ?

  • Hello, I am govt employee. I have taken permission from my dept before applying for prelims. Should we mention that date on which permission is granted in the undertaking for govt employees? But, in the undertaking format, the wording is different.. it is asking for date of intimation about our application.

    Please help...

  • @Icann i think it will not allow you to proceed further asthe certificate number is the star marked field.. I. E required field.. This is wrong from upsc's point... Even I am confused.. Someone please help

  • @Icann same here ....called upsc helpline no ..they told me to mail

  • @venkatesheman2416 okk to the mail id provided by upsc

  • it's very disgusting it can cost a year , a attempt to me let see what solution upsc provide

  • @Icann yes

  • @Icann let's see ..if they request for extension of the date or if they help in shifting us towards general category

  • Aur koi bhi h kya bhai jisse he ews valid problem ho please guide

  • @venkatesheman2416 if u get mail reply let me now bro

  • Hi, I have filled CSE form before joining the government job. I have joined government job in July. What should I do in section where they are asking for the declaration in which one is supposed to inform the employer?

  • This post is deleted!
  • @Icann I too have the same problem with EWS. I called UPSC and they asked to mail which I did just now. please let me know if you get any further information. As without changing the category it is not possible to fill the DAF.

  • Also, is 2019 DAF-I different from previous years? Can't find any sections on "service preferences", "awards, prizes", "sports", "hobbies", "leadership" etc..

    I thought only "cadre preferences" are in DAF-II...

  • I have applied for CAPF exam this year. Should I mention in the section that asks for
    Whether you have ever applied for U.P.S.C

  • Once I have applied for CDS exam in the college. But I don't know the roll no details. Should I mention in this section?

  • EWS certificate should be self attested?

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