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Preparing from Kolkata

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  • Hi! Anyone preparing from kolkata/siliguri? Guess it would be best to have a peer group for tracking down our preparation and keeping those daily targets in check. 2020 is going to be my last and sincere attempt. Failed prelims this time. 2019 was my first attempt.

  • @Foolphoton Hello. I am not from Siliguri or Kolkata. Sorry, but I have a question which is out of the said context. Have you ever attempted WBCS? If yes, how different is it from CSE (syllabus, exam pattern etc.)? If no, please ignore. Thanks.

  • @optimal09 Yes, I have appeared for wbcs mains this year. The syllabus for preliminary exam is somewhat the same in line with the CSE. But for the mains, only the language and optional papers are descriptive. The other 4 gs papers are multiple choice. Each paper contains 200 marks. The syllabus for mains somewhat goes like this:

    1. GS1- historical events and Indian Geography with special reference to wb geography
    2. GS2 - science tech and current events
    3. GS3- polity and economy
    4. GS4- Arithmetic and test of reasoning
      I would say the gs papers contained some standard questions this year.
  • @Foolphoton Thanks a lot for the information. I hope you make it through.

    Also, apart from the standard books for CSE, are there any books or study materials available online, specific to WBCS, which can be referred for self study?

  • I am from south 24 Parganas. Preparing for UPSC . I too could not make it to mains this year.

  • @optimal09 see the thing is I never prepared solely for bcs, was loyal to UPSC forever ๐Ÿ˜. So can't help you regarding the booklist etc., but I'm sure you'll find a good bunch of notes, study materials for wbcs at college street or even at online. There's a site called or something- they have previous year questions etc., a youtube channel named visionWBCS is also good. Ha all I can tell you is ki for west bengal geography I followed the Kartick Chandra Mondal book, the rest was covered by the reference books I had for UPSC CSE.

  • @Foolphoton Thanks for all the information and the efforts you put in for answering my queries. All the best for UPSC CSE 2020!

  • @Foolphoton I am from siliguri. 2020 will be my first attempt..

  • Let's make a telegram group of West Bengal students preparing for UPSC or WBCS. Is it a good idea? I am staying in Delhi since last one and half years.

  • @Naskar91 yeah! Just need 2-3 people more to join us.

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