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To develop Communication skills

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  • Hello! This thread is developed for people (even UPSC aspirants) who wants to improve their English fluency (and not for learning English) bcz there are people who are good in English but fail to present well due to several factors, may be inferiority complex, introverted, lack of communication due to absence of English speaking environment,..... Apart from knowledge, an officer or an employee should be able to solve a situation for which communication also forms an integral part. So, interested people (max 4 or 5, so that we form a group) express your opinion in this thread; just spending 15 to 20 minutes a day to speak fluently in English is the plan since our main aim should not get diverted. This matters just about fluency and not on perfect grammar usage, bcz once fluency is possible, self-confidence increases, so basic grammar is more than enough.

  • @Ddgee89gij0 The group to be formed is for girls.

  • Not even a single girl interested!!!!! Good to know about it.

  • @Ddgee89gij0 said in To develop Communication skills:

    Not even a single girl interested!!!!! Good to know about it.

    Lol I'm not a girl. But I remember when you posted this and I thought "she is going to get a ton of guys pretending to be girls". A bit relieved that it didn't happen. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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