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  • I have seen how frustrating at times it is when people get entangled in the cycle of upsc without backup. Sometimes we did need a break but we had not any options. Sometimes fresh start give you the required enthusiasm to Crack this exam.

    Indian school of Public policy is a new post graduation school based out in Delhi providing masters equivalent certificate in public policy. Some really big names are associated with the institution. Although the fees charged is quite high but as the Institute is new they are providing scholarship to the one who needs.

    The people who are going through the cycle of frustration and want to give himself or herself break can take this. In my opinion it will be a good back up option and his/her employability will increase after doing the course. Many of the candidate in the foundation batch of the school have upsc background. In my opinion every year the competition level will keep on increasing.
    P.S. - - It's just an option I told about, visit the site and take your own decision after inputs from known persons. Thank you

  • @liverpool this year admission open? and are you a student over there?

  • @invictus this year admission will open in Few months... Yes I m a student here.

  • @liverpool Please check PM

  • Fees is through the roof.

  • @Zohanmukharjee they have given scholarship to many students as per need basis...

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