Advice on Current Affairs for Prelims 2020

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  • Are monthly current affairs (VISION specifically) magazine a must do provided one reads and make pointers for Prelims from Hindu daily?

    Background - Fresh graduate, few months into prep, first attempt in 2020.

  • @Hermione_Granger-0 IMHO yes
    Newspaper only gives you a brief insight about what has been going on
    To get any hold on that particular event you might probably have to google it and add value to your newspaper knowledge
    All this takes time and you may be overwhelmed by options internet gives you!
    So just read Hindu or IE as a daily routine and enrich that knowledge with any monthly magazine but preferably vision!
    Hope this helps

  • @ManchesterUnited

    how to makes notes of qstn ans format or for fodder(like imp fact,data judgement ) ?

    for example yesterday fast track wala editorial....i copy paste some imp fodder point but later i saw this editorial already covered by insight

    whether to make editorial notes for fodder only....or in question ans format

    sometime i also felt the editorial will cover by some ca compilation in this case no need to makes notes

  • @Hermione_Granger-0

    according to me read daily hindu + explanation page of ie(make notes if u wish)

    and read one ca compilation vision/inisght

  • @Raillife hmmm, I do go through IE too.
    Would go for VISION magazine now too, should I go back from Jan onwards or June onwards is fine?

  • @ManchesterUnited thanks. I was probably looking for ways to avoid it cause of laziness. Would do it now! πŸ™‚ all the best for mains

  • @Hermione_Granger-0

    jan if time permits,first complete from june

  • @Hermione_Granger-0 I would suggest Hindu(forum must read news article) + civils daily current provide articles from hindu + i.e. with some background.
    Civils daily provide some news background- saves time. (Only read hindu news from it. I.e. only if some very important news) Have faith in this task. You will see the result in1-2 month.
    Make daily notes. Revise weekly. Doing this itslef will take 2-3 hr. Revsie every week and remove unimportant things from notes.
    You can start vision from January that too from Mains prespective only. You may start vision for mains from now on also but it will take a lot of time as you won’t be knowing a lot of things. And reading vision without any background is very dry task. After few months of newspaper reading you will be able easily go through vision. Add those vision notes to your newspaper notes.
    Start forum factly(from June 2019 onwards) 3 months before prelims. They are small and will cover any important news left. You need to revise them 4-5 times. Many things will be already covered in your notes.
    Problem with vision is they give too much detail. That much is not required. Moreover it’s not possible to do that much in first attempt. You will realize it once you see previous year questions. Go through them topicwise for last 5 years. After a few readings and as you read more static and current you will understand the type and depth they are asking.
    If you do your static well and do basic current you will sail through. Just keep revsing it. And do 10 full tests in last 3 months. Till than whenever you get time see 5 mcq question daily on any one site. This will help to get to know the pattern.
    In first attempt there is very less time. Finsih your static + optional first with hindu newspaper only. Not even i.e. Once you complete optional and static with notes than only expand to other current sources. And most important don’t forget answer writing.

  • Making CA notes is a slippery slope. Be extra careful with revision. Popular opinion for current affair is sticking to 1 source (apart from IE/TH) and going backwards i.e. Dec -> Nov -> Oct, etc.

    Edit: Personal advice is don't go for insights monthly.

  • @HueyFreeman Hey, first, thank you for the sound advice. Here me out

    1. I have read VISION monthly before and they do make sense to me, but i realise how most of their content is MAINS oriented and mostly the boxes and factual data is what remains relevant for prelims.
    2. Regarding HINDU, i think im going to stick to reading. I have been reading it for over an year now, and to be honest, reading it from UPSC perspective is the only thing i did worthwhile to prepare for this exam while in college.
    3. YES, PYQs are and the mains syllabus are the key i know, i have gone through them, and thats how i have got into the knack of identifying relevant stuff for the exam. I will keep going back to them from time to time now!
    4. Past 1 year of reading Hindu and studying a few books, definitely has given me a relatively better knowledge base.
    5. Since past 2 months, i have begun making notes (mains oriented) and im nearly done with GS 2, 3. I keep updating them as and when i find something relevant to the syllabus. Ive begun my optional and hoping to get it done with notes ready by October end.
    6. The only notes i do ever make for CA is the ones for prelims. and yes i do revise it weekly. And that too, are just pointers for facts for prelims so usually short. I've come to find out that summarizing articles is no good. So when something is mains oriented in editorials i either add fodder points to my mains notes or file it as a subtopic under whatever GS paper it covers.
    7. My agenda for now is to get over with GS 4 ethics as well so i can come back to only after prelims (if all goes well) and move towards optional and static books like NCERTs and Laxmikant (which by now ive only done once).
    8. Problem was amidst all this i couldn't find time for VISION monthly and, im going to stick to making pointers from the hindu for prelims only - because from what ive analysed - many questions from past 2 years in the prelims were somehow missed by magazines. Im thinking about supplemeting HINDU and VISION monthly with one other daily CA source and that will be it. Cant go in this fear of missing out cycle.
    9. Regarding answer writing, yes thats something ive been putting away for long will start next week.

    Tell me what i can improve upon. ALSO, are channels like NEOIAS, ONLYIAS on youtube a good source to supplement CA?

  • @tourist Trust me I cant go for insights even if i wanted to, because i dont have the bandwidth to read 185 pages worth of CA (July 2019) - I would not be able to remember shit and revising is just another story

  • @HueyFreeman ALSO, what about DAILY QUIZ from FORUM and INSIGHTS, i do them, but never make any notes so basically no revision? Should i?

  • @Hermione_Granger-0
    I think you are doing great. No need to add more sources. Hindu + Vision way more than enough. Keep making notes for both mains and pre. There will always be one extra source. Don't focus on one odd question asked in previous year.

    You said you sometimes file the editorial under a topic - I hope you file the notes made from it not the whole editorial.

    Your plan for finishing optional and GS4 by october end is most important. It is so important that you may even skip two months Vision and delay answer writing by 2 months. There will be sufficient time for answer writing if you can finish GS4 and optional by October end with notes. However if you get time in between than start answer writing instead of one more source for current affairs.

    As for Youtube channels I don't know about NEOIAS. I watched ONLYIAS in beginning when I didn't had background for editorials. Now I see onlyias editorial when I skip Hindu editorial. As for onlyias pre videos I saw a few videos last year. I think they provide too much details not required and will be difficult to revise.

  • @Hermione_Granger-0 I didn't followed them regularly. I sometimes did Insights quiz. My main goal was to find the type of mistakes I was making. Like in Polity which areas I am making mistake.
    I would suggest follow only one. Make notes of what you think is important skip what is not.

  • @HueyFreeman Yes, that's what i meant: I never really copy language. My mains notes are really to the point and keyword type covering all angles of the topic, a few value addition things, bas. Exactly how i want my answers to be. Thanks for your help πŸ™‚ You too 2020?

  • @Hermione_Granger-0 Preparing for mains this year.

  • @HueyFreeman Oh! All the best then!! πŸ™‚
    Please stick around here after mains, might need some of your sound advice again. Haha.
    Hope you make it through πŸ‘‹πŸ»

  • I am almost done with my optional. Now I wish to cover CA from Hindu and Vision, starting from June 2019 (later I will cover till Jan 2019). How to approach GS papers. I have only read the basic books and no coaching, my optional has 0 overlap with GS. How to prep for mains especially Essay and GS4. Please give inputs. Ignore if the query seems too naive.

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