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Advice on Current Affairs for Prelims 2020

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  • @TheCivilGuy It's good you have finished your optional. I hope you have done it with notes. If you have science optional do previous year questions also.
    For current read Hindu + one website(if time and be very selective not all things are important) + Vision. Don't worry about June, July. Start from August's Vision and today's Hindu.
    For GS4 read any book or see lectures of Lukmaan from telegram if you are not planning to join any course.
    Don't worry about essay now. Build content through current for a few months.
    If you have joined any test series just follow their schedule and consult your mentor.
    If not then
    Start making notes for GS1 .
    Do daily answer writing practice on any one website for next 3-4 months.

    By december
    Notes for GS1 + GS4 + Optional
    Current notes for August-December from Hindu + Vision + One daily site(if possible)
    Answer writing practice - from test series or daily sites

    After December review what has been covered and what is left. and plan further accordingly.

  • @HueyFreeman how to start answer writing if we have not started with syllabus should be do answer writing after finishing some portion or just go with it

  • For daily news I read the hindu and daily news in evening or during my metro journey.

  • @wolfapack Focus on syllabus and current for few months. Once you have build up some basics start writing.

  • @HueyFreeman Thanks Man. My optional is Civil Engineering and yes, I have covered it thoroughly.. later revision after prelims(if qualified). I am reading the Hindu daily alongwith Civils DAily. Finding it difficult to make notes manually, Also reading Vision in backwards.
    I will start with GS1 + GS4 from standard sources... Make my notes .. Whats ur take on coaching notes (I will not be joining any separate coaching)...?
    Thanks in advance...

  • @TheCivilGuy
    If you are making notes for first time you will face difficulty in beginning. Gradually it will become easy.
    Found Mrunal's sir Unacademy lectures and handouts he give for economy very helpful for prelims.
    I also followed Lukmaan Ethics lecture and made notes from them. Ansari sir covers all topics in syllabus so it was helpful as one don't have to search topics.
    Don't know about other subjects coaching.

  • @HueyFreeman
    kindly provide ur no.
    whatsapp or call on 8860336321