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Anthro vs Socio,Which one to opt?

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  • I am confuse between these 2,i am not able to figure out which is better

    already read some part of socio anthro

    plz guide me regarding,

    1. Time to complete
      2)class availability in orn

    i have to start my optional asap,plz tell me the appropriate optional

    ps-not studied either of them in my graduation

  • This post is deleted!
  • @Raillife choose according to your interest and coaching is available to both the subjects., sociology will get more related into gs topics then anthropology that is an added advantage but anthropology is comparatively lesser in syllabus but there is no perfect sources available to it so better have a look at the syllabus and sources of both subjects and choose wisely ., mine is anthropology if you have any doubts reg tht i can help u but i dont know abt sociology so i dont comment on tht

  • @rahulRKR dmed u plz check

  • @Raillife Choose that one where Hard work will replicate in marks and give up 310+ or ~ 320 Almost. Because optional can make your Dream of IAS a reality. So be wise and check which of both gives you confidence internally that yeh toh main kar lunga and If you think You need to take help just take help attend classes and then decide..
    Because if stuck with wrong optional then it might take ages to clear exam...and Many people dont have the courage to change it at later stages so choose wisely.

  • @Freakhoto that's the only concern coz i don't want to regret later

    Also one thought towards taking anthro is past performance,it perform very well in past years unlike socio

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