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ForumIAS Simulator X ( Mains ) 2019 - Registrations

Topic created ยท 61 Posts ยท 5459 Views
  • @IASVk said in ForumIAS Simulator X ( Mains ) 2019 - Registrations:

    This simulator test couldn't be more disappointing

    Previous year questions
    Very old format questions in optional (Philo)
    Just asking direct Amendment bills ???

    Like seriously, was this even a mock to be taken at national level or a practice that is done months ago ?

    I was expecting a question paper that would prepare me for this year's Mains, expected qtns, possible tricky questions,

    Not an exam to check how properly I had wrote learned the answers of previous year's mains

    Really , this was neither worth the time (travelling to another city ) nor money (others are doing the same thing for free. . .

    Hello @IASVk

    I shall pass on this to the academy team. I took a look at the Papers of GS 1,2,3,4 . There was no repetition of previous years questions. In fact the questions were fair. I would say it was on the easier side. That is logical given one week before the examination, it would not be wise to write a tough paper and lose confidence.

    Are you in particular talking about Optional Paper? Please clarify?

  • @abinash2909494 said in ForumIAS Simulator X ( Mains ) 2019 - Registrations:

    Thanks for conducting Open Test. GS Paper were good and in real sense a simulator.

    But, scanned copies of Open Tests are yet to be uploaded...Please upload it at the earliest so that self-evaluation can be done.


    The Delhi Center copies are uploaded as per timeline, and students have collected the hard copies as well. There are delays in outside Delhi Center copies . It is expected to be done by Tuesday Night and Wednesday Night.

  • @IASVk said in ForumIAS Simulator X ( Mains ) 2019 - Registrations:

    @Rand_Al_Thor really , I mean if they don't value someone's 600rs. , How do they expect people to invest 60 grands in them
    I wouldn't now ,

    There are a few really good questions in Officers Academy papers , thanks for suggesting !

    UPDATE from Academy


    For about 15 odd students in a regional center the fee collected would be close to 6000. It would be 4800 with GST and payment gateways fees.

    The Center rentals are about 10000-18000 depending on the city, the Courier charges are about 3000 ( delayed because of some Ganesh Puja issue in some states ), the staff and printing, scanning overheads would be over and above this to about 50% of the cost.

    Technically it would cost 1500-2000 per candidate to conduct the exam - which is why we did not conduct it in many cities.

    Are you saying that Forum should not do it because it is too expensive for forum or students should not do it because it is too expensive for them ?

    We did it simply because we know some people will perform better , especially first time Mains exam writers.

  • @root Sir, where to download model answers of open test?

  • @Reality-transurfer Please give me your roll number, we will sort it out asap.

  • @jack_Sparrow Thank you. I have got my copies yesterday itself. Thanks again.

  • is there any way I can get access to forum simulator questions and QCA, needed to practice a bit more PS: I have already subscribed to their MGP G batch programme and had not done registration for open test

  • @jack_Sparrow Sir Please email my copies of open tests. I need it really badly as these tests are only ones which I wrote this year and hence required for self evaluation. I appeared from Patna centre with roll no. 153 44 49

  • I received question paper and solutions of simulator test after requesting here on quest. Really impressed by customer service , quality of MGP tests and proactiveness of forum , much much better than 2-3 other institutes I know! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @jack_Sparrow sir,jaipur centre copies also not uploaded yet pls upload roll no 1106749 or mail me either.

  • @Rvndra said in ForumIAS Simulator X ( Mains ) 2019 - Registrations:

    @jack_Sparrow sir,jaipur centre copies also not uploaded yet pls upload roll no 1106749 or mail me either.

    Message from Academy


    Can you please check again? All Center Copies are uploaded from our end. Visit Academy >> My Courses >> Open Test

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