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Writing Mains in English, but Interview Mode in Hindi / Regional Language?

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  • Dear Friends,

    A lot of our us who are concerned that we may not be that good with English, want to appear for the Personality Test in Hindi Medium. Can someone here share their own experience or someone whom they personally know, and who has gotten good marks in the Interview?

    Also, if someone can connect with a candidate like that who has been able to score more than 160+ in the Interview, it will be a good verification. Most people who have not appeared for the Interview, or have single good experience of the Interview are of the opinion that "Board will be reasonable" and not judge you on the choice of your language.

    However, on a personal level when I spoke to at least 3 people who have sat in the board as members and 2 other people who were members of the Commission , their first question was "Why? Why does he want to appear in Hindi medium if he can write in English?" Also they were not convinced with my suggestion that "the candidate was more comfortable in Hindi".

    Also DPA Sir, also said the same thing when I asked him this questions a few years ago, when he had just retired as the Chairperson.

    If people who have done so, can be kind enough to give their views, it will be mighty helpful for the community.


  • In addition to the above argument, one of my college senior (who is serving as an IFS in Russia) cautioned me never to reply in Hindi even if the panel asked you something in Hindi.
    (His hobby was reading literature and belonged to Hindi speaking state, so the question was on some Hindi text)

  • Those of you concerned about this, I have been able to reach out to some of the people who have done so. I am actively working on this.

    One thing is clear that if you have done even your schooling in English medium, and you are choosing for Hindi, you may not have an excuse to put Hindi.

    However, if you have studied in the countryside till 10th or 12th , then you can have possible grounds for the same.
    I am speaking to a few more candidates before I can come out with something concrete on this.

  • One of my senior appeared for Indian engineering sevices interview
    He was unable to communicate in english,than he took permission from board to speak in hindi
    Board members asked him why you not opted hindi as interview language,it would show your confidence

  • @AblaBaba Engineering Services Exam is conducted only in English language. There is no option to select Hindi language for interview.

  • I know few people who have given interview in hindi and got good marks ...And one of them gave 3 interviews 2 in english and 1 in hindi And he has improved 30+ marks in the last one (Hindi)....I also didn't feel much comfortable in english last time so changed it to hindi this time ..:)...In my opinion they don't judge on the basis of language but based on confidence and confidence is the thing which is at higher side when you converse in regional/hindi language ๐Ÿ™‚

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