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Answer writing partner(and hot topic brainstorming ) for last 20 days ?

Topic created · 4 Posts · 491 Views
  • Idk why m posting it , seems too late, but I have always found good peers here on this forum .

    I'm looking for someone to write answers with , qtns don't have to be same but I need harsh criticism + feedback daily and i'll reciprocate.

    Just need some extra push in the last days bcuz m getting easily bored after writing few answers and huge pendency does the remaining work of making me avoid answer writing further

    Anybody willing to come through, preferably mains 2019 , I m happy to get help.. .

    Also others reading this post,
    If you want to add any suggestions or ur 2 cents on this state of mine, more than welcome.

    Thank you

  • @IASVk Hi, I've been lacking in the answer writing practice department (have only given 2 tests till now). Would like to cooperate on this with someone. Send me a message if you want to.

  • Also, since I didn't make it clear, I'm appearing for Mains 19 (first mains).

  • @IASVk I have joined a telegram group which provide good content for optional subjects and they also provide newspaper analysis and also help in answer writing, If you want to join you can also.