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PSIR 2020 Group

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  • Hey Guys. I am planning to have a group of 3-4 people(Including myself) for PSIR Optional Preparation for 2020. I gave my 1st attempt in 2019 and failed to clear Prelims.
    So here is how I wish to proceed(Sources)-

    1. StateCraft and Stage Craft (B.Chellaney's Articles)
    2. Foreign Policy(For Paper 2 Part A and B)
    3. Observer Research Foundation
    4. Hindu and IE relevant articles

    So I have made 4 Evernote Notebooks for the purpose(each for 1 Part).
    Also a very mandatory requirement-Mandatory Requirement of Practicing Previous Year Question Papers Topic Wise(Starting the day this mains cycle ends-3 Questions Everyday with Sunday Off)
    Scheme of Plan to update Evernote Notebooks-
    We will divide source amongst ourselves and every Sunday w/o fail we each will have to take 2-3 hours to read relevant articles and make additions.
    Guys those who are interested can contact.

    **I know this is somewhat exhausting schedule so a sort of Dedication and Commitment is required. If you are willing to put in efforts, then feel free to contact.

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