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UPSC Mains 2019 Admit Card and Test Centre

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  • @chintanmanan Relax, it won't be a problem. You would need to submit an affidavit, that too at the time of interview. UPSC is very lenient when it comes to these things

  • @Kira0705
    Hi I visited there today
    Those who have centre no 3 in MOTI BAG delhi 110021

    1)Centre is near to metro pink line ( south indian name of metro station, I was in cab so couldn't see properly ) 200-300 meter away
    2) Desk /benches are in very good condition ( clean school )
    3) public toilet in front of school
    4) open gym cum park besides school ( no grass in the park just dust , dogs and playground for kids
    5) I found coconut water and fruit shop within100 meter
    6) they have a big hall with sitting equipment, so they may allow us to sit inside the school after morning shift
    7) school is not in main road thus less vehicle movement whic is good as less noise

  • @DKT If it helps.
    Metro station name is Sir Vishveshwariah Moti Bagh.

    Satya Niketan, University of Delhi is 1km away ~15 minutes walking. Students area. You'll get everything there. From cafes to thelas. You can fill yourself up there in min 50โ‚น . Suggestion : don't take auto rickshaw rather walk upto Satya Niketan, high chances they'll misguide you. On metro it is next station from Moti Bagh and is named Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus, if you want to use metro.
    Also, for those who want to book hotel, you can use Satya Niketan as a landmark as it is very nearby and it might be cheaper than places around Moti Bagh ( high profile IAS , diplomats (as almost all embassies are nearby) live here so price level for hotel and amenities might be a little higher). Satya might be budget friendly.

    I live in Moti Bagh, 110021. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @hound
    Adding on to it, Gurudwara Nanakpura is nearby 700-800m from Moti Bagh centre if somebody wants to visit it for religious and budget friendly reasons. I don't know how things work there but it is quite famous and the locality around is named Nanakpura so you can check it too

  • For people with UPSC, Dholpur house
    Parking is very very serious issue there and since penalties are hiked, I suggest please avoid personal vehicle if you can. But if you happen to know some friend of yours driving that day and not finding parking space nearby, Jamnagar/Baroda(not sure what's the name) house is next building to UPSC (ask any police guy for it, there would be many that day) park it there. There is no guard there ๐Ÿ˜› but normal govt. employees might object if your luck is bad, request them and they would let you for free.

    I have done it myself. I found people finding spaces that day and I got mine very easily. A police guy told me about this hack, I didn't know the guy (I think they are helpful that day if you act decently and act like one in need). Restrict yourself but if it becomes necessary that's one cure.

  • @ias911 thanks for the reply...but the main worry was that i have usee the name given on 10th marksheet., which is not right. So can i change at that time.

  • @chintanmanan
    Called helpdesk?
    If not, contact no. is in the result, ask them.

  • @Phagocyte Thanks bhai. Hope the quality is good.

    One more doubt, during interval period does UPSC send students outside the gate or allows the to sit inside the campus?

  • @Akkku Same centre. Is food available nearby?

  • @DKT thanks a lot mate for all this info
    Halls with table and chair would be nice

    I think there is a market nearby - Basurkar one can eat something over there too

  • @BGP I have no idea . If my brother would go to check , I would tell you ....


    Does anyone know any inexpensive hotels nearby? Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Akbar_Birbal there is a big shed with chairs inside the gate.. you'll be allowed to stay there. I wrote IFOS so less people, most of us found a seat.

  • @Phagocyte bhai, I too will write my first IFOS mains in Dec. Would need your help in that.

  • Anyone for RAIPUR centre?? SR Dani Girls High School.

  • @Mohit_bansal Bro already made some arrangements.

  • @ManchesterUnited I'm staying in Thanisandra. Do you think it's ok to travel to and from the law college, or should i book a room nearby over the weekend? New to bengaluru, so I don't want to take chances.

    Anyone else with a Bengaluru exam centre? Any travel issues?

  • @vb94 Thanisandra is near manyatha tech park right?
    Its almost 20 plus kilometeres plus no metro to either places!
    I have booked a room near west of chord road!

  • anyone boy's senior secondary school sarojni nagar

  • @sanchitgangwar Good School ..locality is very nice .
    good parks ..walking distance from Khan Market metro station

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