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MCQs - Smart guess v/s Confident answer.

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  • 2020 will be my first attempt so after finishing the resources that I had decided earlier to read, I started solving preliminary PYQs and realised that questions that I solved I was not confident but I made some guesswork and little bit of luck. I am afraid that this guesswork would not work everytime especially in Pre2020. Is it completely okey that kind of guesswork or should I be always confident in my answer ?

  • @DeadpoolAlways You can NOT crack prelims at all without smart guessing. It is very necessary and with practice you will become confident.

  • @DeadpoolAlways Depends on what you call guesswork. I'd say elimination plays a bigger role than guessing the answer. If you eliminate 2 options in say 4 questions... no matter what you guess you will end up getting marks. It will not go in negative. So focus more on elimination... after that guess smartly.

  • There is nothing called perfection in this world
    Likewise nobody,I repeat nobody would be 100pc sure of all the questions he/she answers
    Atleast 20-30pc ie around 10-15 questions are always to be answered with an element of risk involved
    Call it elimination,smart guessing,bling guessing and what not!
    Yes you are on the right path,all of us here guess in a varying degree!

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