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Upendra Sir's Sociology Classes

Topic created ยท 9 Posts ยท 502 Views
  • Hello, has anybody here attended Upendra Sir's Classes or is planning to join his upcoming batch? Response urgently needed.

  • Yes.I attended his classes in Nov 2017.What do you want to know?

  • @abhi Could you please provide honest reviews of his classes? And a comparative analysis with respect to other Sociology Classes in ORN.

  • @optimal09 bhai upendra sir teaches really well.I have never heard of any teacher who teaches paper 1 better than him.Socio paper 1 is the soul of subject and he teaches thinker portion very well and you will have absolute clearity over it.
    I admit he teaches paper 2 in a haste manner(because he devotes a large chunk of time to paper1) and believe me paper 2 can be easily done by self study.Paper 1 is technical/complex in nature which requires little guidance and there he performs his role excellently.
    I don't know Mahapatra sir but i will convey you what i have heard.He teaches paper 2 really well and paper 1 okayish type.According to me he is the 2nd best faculty for sociology.Many of his students came to study paper 1 from Upendra sir.Pro with Mahapatra sir is he teaches in ORN(at vaji).

    Cons with upendra sir:
    1)He teaches in safdarjung,Greenpark.It will take a lot of time to commute daily.There is a cab service which takes you to and fro from ORN but i dont't know the fare and travelling time.
    2)He covers paper 2 in hurry(already stated above).
    3)He conducts a free test series after class gets over and says will conduct it very nicely like face to face answer review but he never does that.(Although i never attempted his TS,a friend told me about it).
    I will suggest you either join upendra sir or Mahapatra sir.But give preference to upendra sir.

  • @optimal09 bro i am giving you a tip and it will be very beneficial for you if in case you join upendra sir's coaching(don't take it lightly because it's free ๐Ÿ˜† ).
    In the begining of each class he asks if anyone has doubt from previous class and checks "answer framework"(it's a voluntary exercise but very few students do it).
    I suggest you that after each class study the topics very well and attempt the questions(just the framework,he will explain you) from that topic(you will get it from new vishal publications main topic wise PYP) and get it reviewed in class,he will pinpoint the shortcomings and ask all your doubts.
    Just the thing i want to say is after each class study the topics like you have got an exam tomorrow( studying the sources mentioned by sir etc).Don't slack and i am sure you will do great.ATB.
    I repent.I did these mistakes.

  • *i did the mistake of not performing this exercise.

  • @abhi Thanks a lot brother! I would most probably prefer to go with Upendra Sir since I have almost no idea how to begin with Sociology and I need the technicalities to be strong. For Paper 2, I think I will get hold of Mahapatra Sir's notes and manage with self study as you said.

  • @abhi I am taking your advices seriously in all respects. I will make sure to put them to good use. Thank you once again. All the very best to you.

  • Anybody here planning to join the upcoming batch of the said course?

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