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Daily answer writing

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  • So maybe focus more on brainstorming in limited time than actual physical writing? Coz if we have points we expand them to make an answer eventually. Say what

    If you ask any essayist, they will say there should be flow of ideas and one paragraph leads to the another.

    And if you follow the above advise, you can score good marks (examiner will be pleased)
    Yet since essay writing is not an easy task, we follow templates like the famous SPECIAL (social political economical cultural international and legal) or other predefined methods. And end up scoring the average marks.

    Similarly some people can write any question from their limited (read 500+ pages notebooks) source by just pasting the same content in predefined templates. The templates depends on 7-10 types of question keywords (like elucidate, analyse etc.) This way the dialema of where to draw graph, put quote or map gets irrelevant.

    Final note- I don't follow the above approach (yet) but I think for brainstorming the GS answers template approach makes it easier.
    I learned this during orn days but on internet you can watch early videos of manish kumar (YouTube: hardworkinghuman) and Vikram grewal notes.

  • @kierkegaard said in Daily answer writing:

    @Hermione_Granger said in Daily answer writing:

    @duster2019 lot of conflicting advices tbh. What answer writing approach do you recommend? Personally, I’m finding it hard to follow through tlp or secure each day.

    Since you are not going to get any questions in the real exams (although some test series programs claim from 70 to 100%), so only do the daily answer writing if you are lacking speed (that too depends on multiple variables)
    So focus more on content development (note making) and revision.
    What I do- I simply read the secure compilations (and sometimes discuss it with someone) - they release 4 part pdfs, so 4 sunday in a month are enough.

    for speed test series are the best and that too only 18-20 are enough.. while writing daily, people usually don't follow time limit.. I agree with your content richness and revision part. Most important part is revising and consolidating which we read every new day.

  • @kierkegaard I’m familiar with them both. And I kind of follow Vikram’s strategy for this exam, for the most part. But you would have to consider other facts too and one thing you clearly see is how we’ll read he is. And that accumulated knowledge over the years plays a big role. I thought I was too but reading his essays made me question myself! 😛 Those 2 notebooks he shared were perhaps all the notes he made for this exam but it definitely wasn’t all what he actually ended up using.

    I still liked his approach because of the clarity of thought it had - something which I need too to not be overwhelmed by what all needs to be done. 🙂

    Having statistics and facts set for each section is a thing almost everyone does now. But, that can also mean missing out on some specific topics like Cyberdome, Vishveswarayya, etc.

    Plus this exam literally evolves each year. Anyway.

  • Hi, I am very new to answer writing and dont have any idea from where to start and what should be the systematic approach .Could anyone over here help me on this?

  • @S_SAPNA To begin with start reading newspaper daily or atleast subscribe to some telegram group where they share important articles to read (i would recommend follow vajiram's or essenceias's)
    We try to frame questions and post it here (I was regular except for past few days-will start again from today)
    You try to write answer and post it here...we will discuss and strive for continuous improvement.

  • QOTD

    India is striving hard to reduce burden of Tuberculosis but is still a laggard. Critically analyse the statement in view of government’s intervention to eliminate Tuberculosis. (GS3)(1502 words)

    In view of article published in the Indian Express

  • QOTD - 21 Oct 2019

    Discuss the role of Facial Recognition System in modern policing. (GS3)(150 words)

  • QOTD - 22-Oct-2019

    1. “Revision of IPC and Cr.PC will be of no consequence unless simultaneous improvements are made in the police, prosecution and in prisons.” Examine the statement in the light of need for Police reforms in India. (GS3)(250 words)
  • @rock2army can you please tell me the important websites to find answers of the questions of these types

  • @Hermione_Granger I followed a simple method of making notes out of secure and hindu once a week and then mugging it up.Using this I have notes ready for each topic like women (worth 150 pages),polity (worth 150),science,economy agriculture environment Infra civil service rti etc.
    Using this I was able to answer most of the questions.(I answered cyber dome and vishverya) but u can't bet ur selection on these questions.nobody knows them.
    Same I did with socio.made handwritten notes worth 1507 pages after reading all the stuff.then mugged it up and answered all in exam.
    I don't know if this method will work but this being my 2nd attempt this method worked in 1st attempt.
    It's a crude simple method of writing mugging it up and reproducing from various places on a single copy in exam.
    I have no idea of all the high fi stuff going around,it confuses me

  • @bevancom can you please tell me the sources from where you prepare notes

  • @tss can you share it

  • @Sapa i find link text and link text helpful

  • QOTD

    Critically examine the effect of comparatively lower increase in MSP of food grains over last five years on current economic condition of the country. (250 words)(GS3)

  • Question of the Day

    In the light of cyber attack on Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, highlight India’s preparedness to counter cyber attacks on vital security installations. (250 words)(GS3)

  • Questions of the Day

    1. Discuss the effect of WTO ruling against India’s export subsidy. (150 words)(GS3/GS2)

    2. What is NaVIC? How does it work? Make a case for why people will use NaVIC instead of well established GPS? (250 words)(GS3)

  • Questions of the Day

    1. Discuss the implications of US-China ‘Tariff Trade War’ on global economy. How it has given the opportunity to emerging economies like India to increase their share in global trade? (250 words)(GS 2)
    2. What is UNCTAD? What are its objectives? Critically analyse its role in controlling ‘Tariff Trade War’. (250 words)(GS 2)
    3. ‘Recent malware attack on Kudankulam plant and ‘Pegasus’ incident are major setback to India on way to become a global power in cyber security.’ Critically analyse the statement in the light of Srikrishna Committee report on cyber security. (250 words)(GS3)
  • I follow daily news analysis of essenceias. They post only relevant news material from the hindu, the indian express and PIB with detailed analysis. Then i follow monthly. It helps without over exerting and consuming time on newspaper reading and then focus on other static topics.
    I also practice their daily answer writing.

  • Question of the Day (Prelims)

    Question of the Day:
    Who publish Emission Gap Report?
    (a) UNESCO
    (b) UNEP
    (c) Green Peace
    (d) IPCC

    Question of the Day (Mains)

    What is emission gap? In the light of Emission Gap Report of 2019, critically analyse the effort of developed and developing countries to bridge the emission gap. (250 words)

  • source: EssenceIAS

  • A comprehensive analysis of 5th Bi-montly Monetary Policy Review


  • questions of the day based on important news today

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