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Please share review of Guidance IAS 500+ program for Geography optional.

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  • I have completed major portions of optional syllabus with some revision and looking forward to effective revision and answer writing practice in next 4 months till feb. In this context, is it good to join 500+ program of Guidance IAS. I have done geography optional classes at Vajiram already and haven't done any test series. I see mixed and biased reviews everywhere. Can someone please share honest feedback or any other alternatives? Thanks in advance.

  • @Bot himanshu sir is best u will not regret go for it...

  • @Bot

    read pratham's blog will guide read every week you will find something new that will help u in course of your prepration.
    you must be prepared beforehand to attend attempting previous year que from each sub section ....
    attending classes 5-6 hr at length is most difficult task..vapis akar khud ko b 3-4 hr revision ko chahiye....

    sometimes things start going overhead....time will come when to start thinking of changing optional....thats why i will again stress on solving PYQ.....
    dont follow the crowd....most of the students (i was also among them)are in a spree to attend classes based on toppers selected from that institute or vdeos showing this many que came from the institute's test series.
    if u r not attemping test series along with 500 then its of no use.
    if you are well prepared with your class notes ,attempted pyq ,then 500+ will really benefit you.


  • please go and join. he is good in many topics particularly in perspectives , geomorphology, paper 2 ,etc

  • @extinctinwild Thanks a lot. I have written mains this year but went without any answer writing practice for geography. I have already planned to revise topic and attempt PYQ before scheduled classes and revise it again in between gap days between classes which is 2-3 days usually. I am in fact planning to have a look at 500+ handwritten notes before attending classes and utilize 500+ program for flipped learning to the extent possible.

  • @Bot ek baar synopsis IAS ka discussion dekh lo youtube par. sare doubts clear ho jayege. us bande ne dhajjiyan udaa di 500+ ki

  • ---Copied---

    My observations for 2019 Optional Paper 1: (Will write soon for paper 2)
    Paper seems easy in first outlook, but it is not. All the questions are from Hardcore Geography Subject and requires extreme extreme understanding of the subject. This subject is opted by 1/3 mains aspirants (UPSC data). UPSC has explored depth of Geography this year.

    1. All questions from standard books: All the questions in Paper 1 are framed by Savindra Singh, Rupa and Majid Hussain books. Line by line/ topic by topic. If anybody interested, I can share page numbers.

    2. No shortcuts: Geography Optional is not for shortcuts now- like coaching handwritten notes, test series, 500 etc.

    3. A direct blow on Delhi Coachings: There is no question from hardcore Perspective Topics. The Perspective questions are: HDI, Cultural region, climatic migration- and these are not from Coaching wala Perspective.

    4. Read Books: All the fringe questions are from books. Including Phreatic, Tombolo, wave of life (Q. 3(c)), ocean waves, GRR.

    5. Read Standard Books: Physical Geography by Savindra Singh is deliberately ignored. All the questions are direct lines/ Topic of four part books for physical geography by Savindra Singh: Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, Environmental Geography. Those topics are asked, which are asked which are not in Physical geo book, but are in part books.

    6. Environmental geo questions, though seems easy, they are not, except Q 2(a). Those are hardcore Geography Optional topics.
      ....Q 2(c)- Directly from Applied Climatology wala chapter: Quote Study by W.R. Rouse, Harmack and Landserg, H.E. Hobbs, Changnon, TR Oke. Discuss concepts like urban climatology, building climatology, heat island, urban wind cell) etc.
      ....Q 3(c)- Theory by MJ Holiman (Four Ecological Principles)
      ....Q 4(a) and 4(b): Direct hit from Envt. geo book.

    7. Pattern is repeated. 21/28 questions are repeated from PYQs.

    My recommendation: Don't run blindly behind a coaching, test series or answer writing. Those are increasingly become useless

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