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Let's guess the cut off of mains 2019

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  • @Shubz agreed.

    And what are your thoughts about GS 4 ?

    Especially those pubad oriented case studies ?

  • @Ravs yup 2-3 case studies were strange....that would definitely give an adv to pubad or any other opt than has governance in it

  • @Ultimstar
    The person who made mistake of writing in margin are rare they can't affect cutoff ...
    More vacancy + GS 2 will definitely reduce cutoff by atleast 20 marks ...

  • Btw science optionals kaise Raha?last year mathematics ne khel badla tha..

  • What do you guys think would be the range of marks per paper this year ?

    This way we can predict the cutoff in a better way I think.

  • average marks considering all 4 gs papers should not cross 360..essay ma 140...I am not sure about other optional...can't comment about optionals..

  • You are predicting a fall of 20 marks in GS papers alone. I don't think it will fall by that much. In paper 1 par score would become 100 I think (+4 compared to 2018)
    In GS 2 I think a good score would remain 98 and for paper 3 it should be 100 (unchanged)
    I found paper 4 more difficult and very specific. And I have seen wide fluctuations in marks in paper 4 in 2017 and 18. But if I had to guess I would say that would remain unchanged at around 98-100.
    Overall GS may see a dip 10 marks as it's difficult to be good in all papers. So the range should be 375-380 as per last year's correction standard (falling from 384-388)

  • @King_of_the_dead hope 5/10 number kam ajaye cutoff, jiske chances lag rhe hai,
    n mere bs repeat hojye 2017 ka score, coz gs mein general sa content he likh paya hu like 2017, but ustime paper k baad khush tha, isbar alag sa mood tha ,ki jaise jonpdha wo dhang se use nhi hua
    2017 got 808 (94,99,124,81)

  • cutoff kam jyegi ye pkka hai, (2017 se ;D)
    i cannot compare 2018 se coz dia nhi tha mains
    n mech engg papr ne kaam bigad dia

  • Cutoff iss Baar 20-30 marks toh Kam jaaegi.

    2018 mein bass essay ka section B hi difficult aaya tha.

    Iss Baar saare GS + Optional difficult aaye hain.

    Toh expect kar sakte hain itna cut off ka girna toh.

  • @ajit_kd yaar 2017 aur 2019 ma bahat antar ha. is baar gs were way more difficult .is bar bilkul utna nahi ayega..

  • My take 1st essay people wrote well but second part tricky
    Paper 1 was good but few society question can ruin the party
    Paper 2 15 markers were bouncer thus reduction in marksnwillbe there
    Paper 3 paper ok so cut off may ne same as last year
    Paper 4 part 1 was direct while 2nd more of pub ad thus cakewalk for guys with pub ad as optional
    Sociology optional was sort of mental trauma
    It appears that cut off will go done by atleast 20.marks compared to last years marks

  • @ajit_kd how you calculate accurate marks ? I mean how shall I predict my score ? Is it like assigning marks based on intro(1/2-1 mark), conclusion(1/2-1 mark) and content(3,4,5 marks) or any other method ??

  • @Chumandus is baar thoda mushkil hai , but 2017 m 2 ppr ko cchod k mere utne he aaye the
    forget about intro n conclusion, marks body k hote hain, intro n conclusion ko standby mein rkhna bttr h which will add +-5 or 10 in papers ,every portion of question should be answerd, like break the question in three parts in 15 marker, n 1 mark for 1 point ( its subjctv, can be 2 for one if question cannot be split or something like that) and allot marks
    for avg answer 3/10, 6/15
    ,for above avg( jisme tumko likhte hue satisfaction hua ) 4 or 5 or 6 /10 and 7/8/9/10/11/12 out of 15 depending on ur confidnce level
    yeah 12 bhi askte hain un question m jaha 15 marker m 3 parts hain n u hd answered all three by writing 5/6 point each but 10/12 wale question ek do ya 3 he honge

    isbar gs1 and gs2 mein kuch kaha nhi ja skta, gs 3 waisa sa he tha
    and maine 120-130 k bich lgaya tha score n to my surprise i got 124
    95-100 k bich ppr2 mein lgaya n i got 99
    for this u have to be a third person wothout any bias
    i got less in gs1 (94 )jisme i marked 105-110 and gs 4 (81) i marked 95-100
    this marking is also based on previous attmpt jisme u have an idea ki kitne m kitna mila
    some factors like change of marking scheme( like pre 2015 vs post 2015) and gs ppr altogether different are some constraints)

  • @ajit_kd Wrong methodology. Number of points have no correlation with marks. I've seen people writing in paragraph format also clear the exam and even those who write 4-5 points per question. See tina dabi's, akshat jain's copy from last year. They write answers in a format based on the needs of the question. Hence intro, conclusion do get certain marks. Upsc tries to be as objective as possible in its checking. Hence relevant body with intro and conclusion is enough to fetch 5/10 and 8/15.

  • @K_9 paragraph mein bhi points hote h brother , mein yar 1234 points ki baat nhi kr rha, paragraph form m likho ya points m baat to ek he hai,

  • and jo bhi hum likhte haj, relevant things uske marks side wale margin pe allot hote hnge, intro n conclusion agar related h to wo bhi points m couny honge,
    every subjective thing should be dealt with objectivity, , n m sure bulk m numbr 5, 8 dene ki bjaye 1+1+2+1 form m dia jata h, not like test series, wrna marks m subjectivity bdh jati h ,n upsc mein is chiz pe socha he hoga jab University level pe socha jata h to

  • for example attorney wala question ab usme 2 chizo m jitne max para ya points honge uske numbrs honge, unke alawa kisi aur chiz ko discuss krne k nhi, wrna to fir examiner ki 'feel' se log ias banjaynge
    thorough procedure hota hoga marking ka, ab wo baat alag h ,human hain to checking m subjectivity to aygi he but minimum possible k lie rules hote h, to rationality isi m hain
    i hv seen checkd answer copy of ras and other pcs, usme 1/2 1 2 per para ya point k hesab se allot hote h n thn add krke total per question picche likhe hote h

  • i did not write intro n conclusion in 10 marker and 15 marker m dale the intro n conclusion , but i made sure ki jo puvcha uski dimensions n points increase kru and repeat kru usko har point mein, 3 10 marker pure b nhi kie bs half half page likhe 1 cchuta and 15 marker pure kie the, 124 hain to m sure points k numbers hote h

  • ye test series walo ne uper limt 5/10 ya 8/15 into k 1 numbr conclusion k 1 nunbr ye wo pta nhi kya kya kia hua hai, usse apne mind bias hojata h ki bhyi kitna b likh lo 8 se uper nhi dega etc etc but in my humble opinion marks are directly proportional to asked thing
    agar koi court m challenge kre ,to yahi chiz ko upsc defend kr skti h ,ye nhi ki ji intro nhi tha conclusion nhi tha to mqrks bs 3 die body m chahe 10 chize likh di etc etc

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