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Sociology 2019 Review

Topic created · 19 Posts · 1339 Views
  • Hello Everyone!

    Please use this thread to post your impressions on the Sociology Mains papers. I have not given the exam but here are my impressions:

    1. Some questions don’t make any sense to me.

    For example:

    • Stratification as an Unconscious Device

    • Merton and Deviant Sub-Cultures- Subculture Theory is Albert Cohen’s and is usually seen as critique of Merton’s Structural Strain explanation. To the best of my knowledge Merton never spoke about any “deviant subculture”.

    • Difference between unintended consequences and Latent functions: is this a printing error? If not it’s a really lame question. I read the entire chapter on Latent Functions to find out if Merton himself made any distinction. He does not.

    • “ Changing Initiatives of Land Tenure System” - this phrase does not make any sense. Do they mean: Initiatives to Change the Land Tenure Systems in India? Or : How have Land Tenure Systems changed in India?

    1. Some questions are super difficult and on the margins of the syllabus:
    • Mead Question
    • Finding an example for non-patriarchal Religion (many people may have written Buddhism but it is wrong)
    • Civil Society vs Science Policy
    • Tonnies etc prediction on Modernity
    • Theoretical Positions on Affirmative Action
    • Feminism and New Media
    1. Current Affairs based questions cannot be written from a Sociological perspective. Interlinking of Rivers and Terrorism? Seriously?
  • @vikhcu2073 my one cent after attempting this year Sociology in those gruelling 6 hours.. It was more about choosing right questions to attempt with pen stopping alot unlike in GS.. No readymade thinkers in Paper 2 considering the questns and u r left wondering in exam hall What the bullshit am i writing and in an attempt to bring in Sociological angle I only ended up wasting time and then realising in last 1 hour what the fuck i just did with many questions unattempted.. This was my story.. Many would have done well as competition is intense and people study alot.. In the end it all boiled to keeping your nerve in exam hall. You never know and can't judge the real intention of paper setter.

    In my years of preparation i realised one thing that there are and will be aspirants who would have nailed this exam despite its toughness.. There are aspirants who would have hammered the question well..

    PS: In Merton question I got clueless, Yes!! Albert Cohen should have been written but then still I wrote about Merton only thi king lets take a chance.. Did i succeed or fail result will tell. But yes yes yes, this year paper was gruelling and test of patience.

  • Well, I know what you mean by choosing the right questions. Been there!

    But there is a difference between a “tough paper” and a “bad paper”. This was a bad paper.

    Can’t say anything about those who get marks! I know one topper who was saying confidently that “ideal type bureaucracy means the best possible bureaucracy”! So, yea! It’s not about the level of reading. There is something more which I fail to understand.

  • @vikhcu2073 Brother.. Absolutely True ! the paper wasn't well set. In the end majority of it will boil down to completing paper decently atleast of 200 marks..

  • @vikhcu2073 Haan bhai. Wo latent functions waala question misprint tha na? Kuch samajh nahi aaya

  • @K_9 said in Sociology 2019 Review:

    @vikhcu2073 Haan bhai. Wo latent functions waala question misprint tha na? Kuch samajh nahi aaya

    Ab pata nahin...they may justify saying that Unintended Consequences can be Functional, Non-Functional or Dysfunctional. Patent Function always has positive functions for the system.

    But it makes zero sense that question!

  • bhai pta nahi dono paper complete to kiye par maaza nahi aaya.....last mein jaldi-2 mein quality bhi compromise hui...hope everybody faced the same issue...

  • Koi answers discuss karna chta hai toh daldo yahan

    Q. What according to Merton, is the difference between 'unanticipated consequences' and 'manifest function'? Give examples to elaborate.

    i wrote about latent function and hopi rain dance ceremony
    but unintended consequence ko ANOMIE se relate kar diya .....aur kuchh samajh hi nahi aa raha tha

  • @DKT
    above some one said it is difficult to relate religion without patriarchy

    in that answer i wrote


    HINDUISM- male god BRAHAMA, VISHNU MAHESH , male sadhu and male pandit, shani shignapur issue, sabrimala issue

    ISLAM - male prophet, male pir, male sufi saints ( no entry to women in haji ali dargah )

    christinaniy -male god , male priest, ( sexual abuse of nun in church by priest

    budhhism - male god, male monk
    jainism male god, all tirthankars are male
    sikhism , male god, all gurus are male

    i made one page table of RELIGION, MALE GOD, MALE PRIEST

    then i wrote about religion where no patriarchy

    NATURISM max muller worship of nature , tulsi, river, peeple,
    ANIMISM Tylor worship of ancestor, i wrote about PIND DAAN in GAYA
    ARUNTA durkheim totem is worshiped whic means society worship
    SHAKTISM navratri durga, kali, laxmi on diwali

    guys was it sufficient to fetch 15 marks out of 20

  • @DKT Naturism and Animism are forms of religion. I said it is difficult to cite examples because you should know specific Religions within these forms!

    Shakti Cults are a good example. It didn’t strike me.

  • @DKT bhai i wrote in a diff pattern quoting examples of hinduism and islam on how relegion controls mind body status occupatiinal restrictions as house wife and how feminists call for new relegion based on female diety ( forgot its name)
    Hw did u attempt changing land tenure, industrialisation and agrarian class structure and minority question

  • @karunakar-vishnu1508
    In land tenure I wrote from akbar to british ZMR, bhoodaan, zamindari abolition, land ceiling, green revolution reform, lpg reform rural elite by land acquisition, Forest rights and tribal land , NITI AAYOG plan for new tenancy act, contract farming plan ,

  • @DKT
    Industrialisation and agrarian
    Daniel thorner, three agrarian class MALIK KISAN MAZDOR( how industry impacted these three , HOW industrialisation created new class....middle class of farmer, NEW MIDDLE CLASS of women among upper caste women, DALIT ELITE AND TRIBAL ELITE after land selling for industry, jobs , food processing provided livelihood, due to industry westernization in rural area ( srinivas )

    Yar jyada sociological perspective nahi mila yahi sab likha speed me

    Minority wala question maine attempt nahi kiya

  • @DKT Yes think so.

  • Friends sorry to post something different ...I bought sociology (english) pen drive course in july 2019 for this year mains. Now done with this mains thing.I want to sell the course for a negotiated price as I purchased it for Rs 33000(receipt available).Teacher name - Bibhash Sharma sir..Course is really nice. Anyone interested, please let me know.

  • @DKT answered in form of positive function of latent while function dysfunction nonfunctional for unintended

  • @DKT the relation between patriarchy and religion is mention in Horolombus with Karen Armstrong and Anthony Giddens. Of all religion Sikkhism is most egalitarian so on

  • Guys, I have given interview last year And again mains this year. My optional is sociology and I am still not very confident about it. Which test series would you suggest for sociology? I want to better my writing skills

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