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IFoS vs RBI Manager

Topic created · 5 Posts · 1535 Views
  • Which is a better choice among the two- IFoS & RBI Manager?

    Pls consider these aspects:

    1. Overall profile
    2. Perks, Salary and other govt benefits
    3. Rolla, Social standing, Public Perception
    4. Place in the pecking order of the Govt services in India
    5. Money
    6. Job stress, free time, family life
    7. Personal development; intellectual progress opportunities
    8. Relevance quotient after 20 years in 2040
    9. Job diversity, offsite work, satisfaction
    10. Any other factor(s)
  • Experienced fellows/members/lords pls reply...
    @Neyawn @IWRA @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh

  • @Johnny_Distracted It is surprising that you are even comparing these two services. IFoS is an All India Service, whose perks and facilities are nearly equal to IAS and IPS. Further, it has much higher social standing, especially if you are posted in States with good forest cover like MP, Jharkhand etc. Considering the growing focus on environmental issues, this service is gradually increasing in importance as it is the only service in India aimed at conservation of nature.

    In fact, according to me, IFoS is better than all other services other than IAS and IPS.

  • @shikhar_choudhary correct... dear distracted Johny brother.. There is no comparison at all.
    Only thing is that if you love desk job having strong inclination towards finance/banking sector then only you can consider it. But if you would have been that kind of a person you wouldn't have been here on forumias.

  • @Johnny_Distracted rbi os a desk job.9-5 mon-fri monotonous job. IFS os field work. And the future role is immense considering the importance of forests and tribal welfare increasing day by day. There is no comparison between a bank regulatory job and all india service. the other services are overhyped and often overshadow the IFS importance amd maybe that is why you compared it with rbi. i think you should focus on upsc. rbi/nabard/sebi are often considered as backup options by upsc aspirants......but finally the choice is yours.