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Decoding History Optional

Topic created ยท 3 Posts ยท 244 Views
  • #SelfStudy #HistoryOptional

  • @agnihotrikarthikey28284 guys I appeared for mains first time this year and felt that history optional can be quite scoring, though personally I may not score as well as my optimism might exude, if we prepare as per what UPSC wants and not just read books and notes.
    Now decoding history is something that even scholars have failed to achieve, so for mere indiduals like us it is just as difficult, if not more.
    So I suggest that all of use this discussion forum to identify the trends ( and topics) that UPSC usually follows.
    Let's start by Sharing our individual insights about this year's paper so that all of us, including those who are yet to begin preparations can benefit from this collective effort

  • This year I felt the questions were pretty straightforward and required a detailed study. Mere reading of selective portions will prove to be futile unless you are able to link different periods, especially when it comes to sources, like the comparative analysis between vedic and indus valley civilization
    Also the medieval history part was straightforward as well, world history being a little unexpected given the wide range of topics it covers.
    But do you guys think that this will affect the marking and scaling factor in any way.
    Thanks in advance for all of your inputs and keep the trend going ๐Ÿ‘

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