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When your preparation goes off the rails, how do you get it back on?

Topic created · 9 Posts · 818 Views
  • self-explanatory title, please suggest some ways, techniques, tactics.

  • Hi,

    By preparation going off rail, I suppose that deadlines are stretched. Or you are not finding the mental push to start studying.

    If it’s case#1:

    It’s not late. You can study from now. There are 2 more months for prelims.

    1. make yourself a practical timetable
    2. Set smaller deadlines, say finishing x chapters in a subject a day
    3. Break down day to the minutest level and study in the most active part of day(it’s post workout time for me)
    4. Practice prelims questions from previous years; it steers your preparation

    If it’s case#2:

    1. Start with the most interesting subject of yours
    2. Repeat case #1

    If I didn’t address your query, shoot back.

  • much needed thread @Charlie ....

    whn everyone is busy wid results n all.. how to focus just on pre and utilise every minute fruitfully? @neyawn @root

  • @rogerthat sticking to the timetable is the biggest ordeal buddy

  • Frankly, You may try taking a D* coz thats how fucked life is if you dont clear this exam and later say, oh I just didnt feel like studying. Your life should be your biggest motivation. It cant be downloaded on internet.

  • I dont mean no offence, it happens we are not rational but emotional beings.
    But lets see the real picture. Others Result should be your added motivation instead.

  • @Charlie Positive momentum - what helped me on numerous occasions lately -

    Start small and do the portions you like. Keep your study hours on the lower side. . Accept you are human and we all get hit by the doldrums. Ujjayi breathing for the anxiety is helpful.

    On a daily basis, note down the work you finished and quality hours you clocked. Keep the hours and work to be done on a highly doable side.

    Don't work at crazy pace all days of the week. You will burn out quite fast and will be unable to concentrate for weeks.

    Exercise helps your moods. If not, sing and dance to stop the boredom 😂😂 Don't sit on the table beyond an hour at a stretch. Your back muscles and blood sugar will thank you later. Please eat a decent diet, sleep really well. and laugh a lot.

    Being happy is the key to being more effective despite the pressure. Don't compare yourself to others.

    Go outside daily for 15 minutes. Ride an auto or bus in the evening if you have been cooped up forever.

    Keep your room clean, organize the books and only keep the unavoidable material in front of you. Take the pressure off your brain and eyes. Chaos don't help motivation. Order and structure does.

    Lastly, don't believe all the crap you are thinking. Do not listen to your Mann ki baat.

  • I kept some "Behavior checks" since last month... like what kind of behavior leads me to out of the zone...

    1. When I go for lunch/dinner,
      Bad habit:: I keep watching TV serials..
      REplaced with:: So I started eating lunch/ dinner with one episode of CA videos of not more than 25 min
    2. When I open youtube,
      Bad habit:: I keep scrolling the home page and open random videos of no use like dude perfect or flying beast vlogs
      REplaced with:: I have set minimum time watch in youtube setting as 10 minutes in mobile... after 10 minutes it stops videos
    3. When I start chatting with family/friends personally
      Bad habit:: Our gossips/ arguments sometimes cross an hour
      REplaced with:: I set a time of 15 minutes whenever I start talking, timer alert let me resume my studies
    4. When I don't feel like studying at all
      Bad habit:: I either watch TV for 2-3 hours or do surfing about Bollywood masalas
      REplaced with:: Either I will do household chores with timer or Exercise or start studying with "Study with me" live people on youtube!
    5. When I feel sleepy:: I do sleep
    6. When I feel like I studied a lot today:: I study with 10 minutes more timer, pushing my self!
    7. When I feel like burnout:: Either I do Anulom-Vilom or I watch some "Watch later" listed videos and after 15 minutes of video stop feature I feel normal!
    8. When I feel like there is no one with whom I can talk:: And I want to talk, scream:: I listen to rock music!! RE sultan! I want to keep this situation as much as rare possible coz it can make me off track if not controlled properly!
    9. I had set timer of 10 minutes to write anything on Quest or Quora.. if I feel like! 🙂 🙂

    When I feel this is not easy, I say myself vo life hi kya jo easy ho!
    Easy toh hame banana hai!
    Jaise Pahado ko khodkar gufa banayi thi humne,
    nadiyo ko par kar bridge bana liye,
    hawa me udne ke liye pankh nahi mile,
    toh aeroplane me 400-500 ko sath hi uda liye...
    arey sub rough hi mila tha, tough hi they ye deccan ke pathar
    fir bhi koyla khod ke nikala humne or
    chala liye hazaro engine...!
    Sab kuch tough hi tha... fir life kaise easy ho sakti hai..
    Easy banana hamara kaam hai,
    Easy banane ke baad hi aaraam hai...
    Isliye karna ye taam jhaam hai!!

  • ¶Our Non-UPSC friends/Collegues, neighbours/relatives and mock tests are the biggest assets to keep you in track.
    ¶All of them demotivates to motivate you to clear the exam and concentrate more (making all social networks in offline mode).

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