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How to remain disciplined if not motivated? A thread to inspire each other.

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  • As I read somewhere
    Motivation is really overrated and relying on it is a bad thing ( people with over 3 or 4 attempts can relate with it better 😕)

    In a nutshell , this Upsc has already become a long journey for many of us and so that initial enthusiasm and strong headed approach might have taken a back seat ( temporarily ofcourse) so it’s very important to remain disciplined and work extra hard , give our infinite percent this year and this thread is just to push each other to not feel like giving up when we are just so near our goal as again I read somewhere that success is often a matter of putting in 5 percent more effort than there is only so much We can do .

    ( I don’t know if this sort of thread is even allowed here and if allowed , anyone’s gonna contribute something or not but a platform where Upsc journey is discussed , I believe a thread of this sort is very much needed ) 😕

  • @Exo Jab mood hi kharab ho to discipline kaise maintain hoga yaar...

  • Life is like a boxing match. Defeat is declared not when you fall but when you refuse to stand again.😈

  • Really good thread... In this process we have to make our isolation ---> our solitude... it is like sometimes dragging ourselves... Momentum is needed not only every day but every hour... I want to give more time...

  • याद रखना सपने तुम्हारे हैं तो पूरा भी तुम ही करोगे न हालात तुम्हारे हिसाब से होंगे न लोग ☺

  • “Timing, perseverance, and 10 years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” -Biz Stone


  • Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all. George Washington

    More than hard work discipline holds the key!

  • "If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

  • See if you can keep in touch with people who are more disciplined than you, i find it very helpful. Need not study with them, but the sheer number of productive hours some people can pull off makes me push harder.

    Also i find discipline easy to come by for prelims because of instant result of tests. I keep asking myself to score higher and higher

    After 2 attempts - it feels like so much time just goes down the drain in self pity and consolation. I ask myself whether these thoughts will help me fetch a rank in 2020.

  • @Phagocyte rank in 2020 ???
    Why not in 19 🧐

  • A very easy trick to beat procrastination is doing a very small task first :
    I tried it like

    Solve 10 MCQs only
    Read about 1857 only
    This way you will get started like Auto-Rickshaw and then maintain the momentum, give yourself short tasks until you exhaust !!

  • @Exo yes such a thread is definitely needed...I can relate to being in my 5th attempt. Let's all contribute towards each other's success.

  • so, how many hours you studied today? If that counts in maintaining discipline ☺

  • @ROSH_2019

    Finishing schedule only ... don’t keep a tab on hours .. 😐

  • I also think discipline is very important.... how to maintaining balance between study and break ?..

  • @ROSH_2019 till now I studied 4 hours 13 minutes!

  • @Mishrasatyam580 I use Todait app for this... I study with its timer till my mind works... and then whenever I feel like to take a break, I take the break by putting alarm, jaise abhi 6:30 pe break liya hai currently 6:40 pe I will return, as my mind is not tired yet... so i will resume.. it is like "Jab tak hai jaan" padho!

  • there is an interesting read named 'neuropsychology of self discipline' by sybervision. one can try this for a decent approach towards discipline.

  • Trick
    when you feel hungry but the food is yet to ready and you don't want to lose focus in the study --> Drink Buttermilk! It will help!

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