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How to remain disciplined if not motivated? A thread to inspire each other.

Topic created · 163 Posts · 8501 Views
  • ‘The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.’ - Rabindranath Tagore

  • @Acidpop how much u got in sociology this year

  • Umm. Got totally screwed in socio ( 224 when I expected 280+). Dunno why. We analysed it found some tangibles to work like more writing, less of showing off thinkers etc. But all in all treating this as an abberation, would stick to the strategy for the most part.

  • w0r9qag3cx001.jpg

  • Every day is a tussle. Yesterday mind was totally motivated so it studied good. Today, mind has ample excuses. It feels tired, for no reason. The stomach is too full to sit and study. 😝
    Being disciplined is an intense battle each day.

  • So, we enter the final 30 now.
    Discipline will be most crucial in these days. Win over the impulse of postponing things. Yet, keep your daily schedule sustainable.

  • And, where is everybody anyway? This thread is supposed to inspire each other. But it looks so desolated last few days. 🤔

    @Exo 🤔

  • @ROSH_2019 Feeling ditto. But then discipline doesn't let to rest!

  • @ROSH_2019 😁😁

    Now is the phase when one needs to study like ... you know like 😬😬

    So disassociating oneself from mood and disregarding whether we are felling like studying or not .. just get into the books .. so yeah 😆... good luck ...

  • There are times in life when we feel we have not done enough. When we think a lot could have been done. When we feel the void we left behind while contemplating about the past and the future. There are times when one can't help but think about the all could have beens. There are times and then there are people. People with substance. People who outstand time. People who keep moving despite all odds. People who keep fighting irrespective of what they feel. People who sit when they don't feel like. People who muster the courage to read on an off day. People who write history. People who win. Yes, there are times but then there are people as well.

  • @Exo
    From past 4-5 days I haven't studied anything,no test nothing kuch padke bhi nhi hua hai sabka revision baaki hai current baaki hai
    Currently meesed up in my life with friends issue(female Friend) although not a gf her small small activity effect me in many ways although she has a bf,i have lots of expectations from her ki vo mere ko call karegi samjegi but ase kuch hota nhi hai,i want vo meri sune mera rona sune, but as she is not my gf toh vo kyn mera sab sunegi??

  • @Raillife .. try giving visionias abhyaas 2 .. you will forget about all these tensions 😁😁😁

    Baki on a serious note .. attaching a picture here to serve the purpose of this thread ( to inspire each other )

  • @Exo so true. 🤣

  • This post is deleted!
  • Wake up. Listen to your favourite song and then sit on that chair. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday. You still can make a mark. Just sit and do what needs to be done. Problems will always be there in life. If you think you will have a perfect attempt where everything will just go in sync with what you desire, that might not happen. Life is full of uncertainties and all you have control over is this day. This day when you can do what you think you will do in that perfect attempt. This day is your day. You have to win this day. This day when you wake up forget about the past and start aftesh.

  • @Raillife , let's start with a introduction , this will be my first post on quest , if I post 🙈 .
    Now coming to the point , bro app k message dekha humne , and according to me 1- you are some where b/w these age groups 21-25 ( these kind of things happens generally this age group only ) 😂
    2- deep inside you like that / love that girl.

    Bhai aap jitna energy and time aap iss matter me waste ker rehe hoo na.. uska aapko kuch kuch results nahi milne wala, too point kya hai kerne ka , ye question puchye aap apne aap se ?
    Ye hie energy ko aap 30days upsc pe lega doo too results far far more better hoga..!

    Sorry but ye sab puchne se acha hai.. aap @Exo ma'am se pucho kie ma'am mera itna itna topic cover kerne baki hai..kase better question that she can help you better .

  • @Exo vision ias abhyaas 2 se woo sare tension nahi bhulta hai too delhi capital k history k question post keryega . Sab normal hojaega 😂😂

  • ऐसी डगर कोई अगर जो अपनाए
    हर राह के वो अंत पे रास्ता ही पाए
    धूप का रास्ता जो पैर जलाये
    मोड़ तो आये छाँव न आये
    राही जो चलता है चलता ही जाए
    कोई नहीं है जो कहीं उसे समझाए

  • @Dexter @Exo

    thanks both of you,its just i have overthinked too much abt this petty issue....its just a phase/time which went now i am fine...hope so ase hi rahe

  • @Dexter 🤣🤣🤣 .... right dexter

  • Don't be afraid of the solitude that comes with raising your standards.” —Ebonee Davis

  • @Exo said in How to remain disciplined if not motivated? A thread to inspire each other.:

    Don't be afraid of the solitude that comes with raising your standards.” —Ebonee Davis


  • This post is deleted!
  • @Exo hmmmm...🤔🤔

  • @Dexter sorry it not related to this thread . How do I delete my quest account 😔?

  • @Dexter get back to study dexter .. leave this account deletion and everything for now ...

  • @Exo was shattered yesterday , ended up in loosing 2 hrs of studies just thinking over it .
    All the best aapko for 2nd june 👍. God bless you...
    Aapka sara tuka sahi hoojaye.. aur aapko devsena ji se jada marks aajaeye.. 😝

  • You had a purpose long before anyone else had an opinion . Stay true to you .

  • @Dexter sabke saath hota hai,day before yesterday i wasted my evening thinking ki Kuch padke nhi hua kase hoga,i literally cried hard wipe my tears and got back to study

  • @Raillife bro , I just wanted to move out of the social World , iss liye . I wanted to delete the account....
    My teacher once told me - if you are on moving on the right track / path you are bound to face difficulties .. if you are not moving on the right track you will not face any difficulties at all.
    Iss bro , you are on the right track 😊. Do it for another 26 days and you will be righting mains for sure ... Sab energy lega doo ye 26-27 days me .....
    If I can help you in ways do tell me ... Aur ha aapka joo subjects aap nahi kiye hoo , post it here ... So that other aspirant can post important chapter of it . Taki aap utna to jarur ker loo uss subject ka.

  • @Dexter bro
    I don't know whether i am on the right direction on not,i read and tend to forget the things
    Giving mock and its take too much time to solve, yesterday i read 6-7 chapter from Shankar and gave mock, to my surprise i forgot many basics things the thing which i have read in the morning itself this implies somewhere i am doing mistake in studying,ab karu to me kya karu??? I can't cram each and everything

    Jitna mane sikha hai plain reading se upsc nhi nikal skta u need to very well aware while reading

    How can I find out if I am on right path or not means i am studying as per the demand of upsc or not
    And i am sure there are many other candidates who r in the same boat

    Is there any specific way for effective reading so that jo bhi pado vo acche se yaad rahe?


    Your views?

    Ps-sorry for the bad English

  • @Raillife ... plz leave this English thing aside 🤨( colonial era mindset )

    Baki ... I know many of my friends who are into this standard cum sacred material reading thing ( vision , insights , iasbaba etc)

    But I figured out that this material reading thing does not work form me .. ofcourse they are giving a lot of information and at the end of the day something or may be most of the things would be coming from that material and standard books only so key idea here is .. I believe it’s good to choose a source that help us memorise things 🙂

    Here again one can differ .. some people really like reading everything on their own

    So I opted for a mixed strategy ... for example for environment.. I watched a YouTube channel videos that they made out of Shankar itself but atleast i could recall things in exams and could do mutile revisions at speed of 1.5 .. for geography .. read ncert and watched mrunal sir YouTube videos .. for current affairs it has always been onlyias 🙂... sir make us memorise the important events .. that can actually be recalled in exam and also one can revise them quickly by downloading their pdf.

    Abhi edhar you have tagged selected candidates as well .. so do go with whatever advice they come up with 😬... I am another struggling aspirant like you

    Ps: fir art and culture I kind of read this Nitin Singhania and Spectrum not so small 🤨 book

    But eventually what helped me was onlyias videos and unacademy Nandini maharaj Ma’am lectures ( latter is more important for mains part )
    Atleast that’s how one recall these absurd and difficult terms in exam 😕..

  • @Raillife

    1. You are absolutely on right track. It's quite normal. It simply mean you are anxious. To be frank, you are Over Anxious.

    2. Now first and foremost thing for u to do is remove that OVERNESS. Be only anxious. How to do that ? For me it's always by assuming worst case scenario and then justifying myself there.

    3. Failing in this exam post best of your efforts is FAR FAR BETTER than passing most of the other exams in this country. So take it positively.

    4. Revise, practice and Revise. Repeat. Nothing else required. Don't judge yourself now. More wrong you do here , the lesser u do in real exam. So it's good.

    5. Don't cram so much info that your common sense die beneath it. Read normal and Read FAST.

    6. Whenever any topic/area/portion etc gives you excessive boringness or tension - My Best Mantra in such times: Close your eyes, put right hand on left side heart, repeat three times "YE SAALA EXAM MEIN NHI AAYEGA CHHOTE" . And LEAVE IT. I am telling you IT WILL NOT COME IN EXAM 99.99%. And in case it do come even if you read it you will mark it wrong or leave it. MY PERSONAL TRIED AND TESTED MANTRA.

    7. Manage your HARMONES now for a month. NEURONS is not the right thing to focus on now. NOW prelims solely will depend on Harmone Management.

    Keep reading point 5, 6 and 7 infinite times. 🙂 ATB


    PS- Coaching mocks are worst Joke with aspirants if the objectives are not understood (which mostly is not). For ex Pegion PT365 sells because of Pigeon test series and vice versa. Same is true for most of the others. It's more of business strategy . So FOCUS on ESSENTIALS. Focus on IMPROVEMENTS. Absolute score is a myth in test series. STRICTLY PERSONAL OPINION.

  • @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh If anyone feel Vision Test series are too easy this time? I feel they are so, I am in confusion whether I am losing something by investing time in them. It gives me feeling of depression right now.

  • @satrun Really?
    Me and most of my friends find it the other way round
    Its getting better and more challenging,more so with core History/Polity/Economy/Geo!
    I am surprised and probably questioning my prepration levels🏃 🏃
    How are you scoring in full length tests and Abhyaas?
    My scores are always in 120-140 in full lengths and Abhyaas

  • @ManchesterUnited the sectional test are too easy to be attempted. Especially the first 20. However Abhyas and Full Length are tough.

  • @satrun Perspectives✌

  • @ManchesterUnited said in How to remain disciplined if not motivated? A thread to inspire each other.:

    @satrun Really?
    Me and most of my friends find it the other way round
    Its getting better and more challenging,more so with core History/Polity/Economy/Geo!
    I am surprised and probably questioning my prepration levels🏃 🏃
    How are you scoring in full length tests and Abhyaas?
    My scores are always in 120-140 in full lengths and Abhyaas

    Hahahaha.. iff 120s 130s is normal score then probably I should hang my head in shame !!

    I have given 4 full tests by now and scoring in 80s and 90s only. Never crossed 100 till now. 😉

    PS- Sab moh maya h. If you scoring very high or very low in any test series consistently than probably it's time to change the test series itself. My personal style. Kudos to all of you scoring good.

    Those finding it easy I have one suggestion for you. Go and try Vajiram one ! Just to lower your ego little bit. 🙂

  • @ManchesterUnited I was in same situation in after prelims 2017 result missed margin 2 questions because of filling wrong bubble of three question even after knowing the right .

    Again prepared for 2018 bit half heartdly missed again by more margin that is 7 8 marks

    2018 result to April last of 2019 was phase of severe depression for me don't like meeting anyone , negativity in every thought turn out to be hardcore leftist thanx to Hindu & IE 😋 , feel irritated everytime , have constant argument with family & spend most of time spent on YouTube & reading psychology

    Productivity of study goes to zero at times , however I everytime fight to study although at last time turn out to be lying on the bed watching something in hope that my mood would get better
    but never helped .

    Started following spirituality , got the insight though regret of wasted time incrept me and prior negativity , overthinking made me cripple to go forward

    Heard about vipassana mediation , went for it & back out in 5 days.feel like I m good for nothing

    Perhaps when I sat one day relax and think,found that misseries
    I created for myself was not upsc it is because of nature (probelm of anxiety since childhood but not able to acknowledge it, u know na how our society act if we inform mental illness to them
    Ye woh puja Kar lo , exercise karo , aisa kch ni hota ye tumhare maan ka beham hai instead of telling talking listening to our POV , suggesting for meditation and other help )

    Conclusion - As Buddha said be light on to yourself (appointment dippo bhav ) .

    I figured out the lacunae & adopting right the from experience

    Vipassana had gave me schedule of waking(5 am) and sleeping (9 pm), how should be breakfast, lunch , evening snacks be like
    with no dinner because it keeps you awake , after remain awake after 10 11 pm you will victim of unnecessary wasting time e.g mobile, overthinking , other stuffs ( you what I mean )

    I was stuck in vicious cycle of exams , committed myself to come out , so for that went to some selected students and counsellor
    Realize action is important than anything , joined library for one year straight , skipped 2019 pre due to this dilemma and asked my father to give 2 year more , aiming fully for upsc 2020 not pre main interview but as whole promised myself to get IAS (up cadre ) at any cost

    My last quote for me - there is no other way out & whatever it takes

    Even in some doing I face difficulty but these will important do you know to tackle (techniques)

    Your mentioning psychological probelm (depression) made me write this long because I know it feels like neverthless I don't reply generally.

  • @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh I have access to vajiram portal as well sir and so far in all 4 FL tests the scores have been consistent around 110s!
    But I just shared my experience that vis a vis last year the vision sectionals had better questions!

  • @mks708089830 How do you rate vipassana?
    I was considering it in july last year after results as I was feeling very low and a friend of mine suggested it!
    But I found the rules too rigid to follow,so postponed it indefinitely!

  • @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh thanks a lot for atleast choosing to reply sir 🙂. Rarely I have seen selected people opting for answering a newcomers questions and that so immediately 🙂.

    And yes managing harmones is very important this month 😆😆. Thank you again

  • Anxiety period.

  • @ManchesterUnited I don't have any intention to promote any organization.

    I think in the era overfloating neo liberal economy where comparisons, competition create utter chaos in our inner world

    3P patience ,preservance, peace is the intrinsic value one needed to sail these exams and exam of life as well

    Any form of meditation, chanting , deity visualization helps you in getting your nerve right & I prefer meditation due to own personal reasons ( lack religious faith as of )

    Regarding vipassana , I found out that we got a life , but don't have way of life .. vipassana create environment for latter one (imo , these may vary according to individual ) however either be vipassana or any technique , method you can subscribe according to your circumstances.

    Important note : only use a means to an end, not end otherwise it will drift in whole sort of another world

  • This post is deleted!
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