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Current affairs classes - Forum Vs IAS Hub

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  • Can seniors please advise which one would be more relevant and helpful for the exam - INA 2020 of M.K. Yadav sir or Current Affairs classes of Dipin sir. Need honest reviews.

    I will be joining in the online mode. Please help

  • @Darvey78 Think for yourself, can a single guy/girl teach/master all current affairs?

  • @Darvey78

    For mains
    Iashub is great if you want extensive coverage. There will be too much of content and overload of information that in the end you will end up memorising everything half-baked or nothing at all. His content and diagrams are really great

    Dipin sir knows the ground reality of the mains exam. He will never give you anything that is not useful for mains. Almost every other student complains that his coverage is not wide enough. But no one complaints of it days before the mains, because that too looks too huge to memorize and internalise.

    So it's important you realise where do YOU stand. If you want a comprehensive approach with literally bombardment of facts and figures, go for iashub. If you want less but quality content which could be used in multiple places, go for FORUM.

    For prelims
    The strategy goes other way. MK Yadav sir covers it well enough. Since prelims requires wider knowledge as well, IAShub current affairs classes are good enough. But remember you have to revise them multiple times so that you are able to recognize and apply them in the prelims paper.

    Dipin sir mostly does a smart work in his prelims notes and filters out unnecessary content. But I think we need a better coverage, even more than iashub notes in prelims.

    So my personal suggestion for prelims would be go for IASHUB and then also do some extra stuff like vision pt365 or any other compilation.

  • @nightHAWK 1. Can you please give your suggestion about Santosh Sir (Shubra Ranjan) vs Dipin Sir, please.
    2. Assuming one joins Nov batch of Dipin Sir, is Vision monthly required? I would be doing Mains 365 later.

  • @upscag164 santosh sir is not good i personally felt,no knowledge base he has
    i have attended 2 demo lecture

  • @upscag164 but people hasve different opinion about santosh
    u plz watch demo video and thn decide

  • @Raillife Ok. Thanks for the info. And about the Monthly?

  • @upscag164 dont think so dipin +vision ca will give any result provided that you will cover vision 365 later

  • @Raillife So, only Dipin Sir Notes and any material he may give + Vision Mains 365 at end.
    I am reading IE daily.
    Thank you for your help. 🙂

  • @nightHAWK Was dipin’s Sir smart work strategy useful in this prelims ???

  • @AllMight I would say "a bit" of it. But not now. He filters out some of the content. But for prelims even some other facts are required to be known so that u can indirectly guess things out. So I would say go for a comprehensive & intensive approach..even more than Mk yadav sir. Add vision compilations + prelims tests etc.

  • @upscag164

    1. I have not joined Santosh sir's classes anytime. But I saw his pre specific videos last year. He is good in especially evnt + s&t. But being a beginner at this stage, he lacks a bit of filtering out in prelims and also what all value addition things to be used mains. You can give it a shot, but I will say it's risky.

    2. If you join any CA batch now, whether mk yadav or Dipin sir, I have generally seen that they take it very slowly and take a lot of holidays. If it's the weekend batch, and even 2 weekend holidays would mean a break of 15days. So it's better to do SELF-STUDY about current affairs from YouTube, online sources, etc and Later join CRASH COURSES - FOR both prelims and mains. This would save your both time and money.

  • @nightHAWK I wholeheartedly agree with them. Dipin sir is really good at what he does but UPSC is far above these CA classes. I couldn't clear the prelims and totally relied on Dipin Sir for covering prelims which proved to be an absolute disaster. You must know what is going on throughout your preparation and avoid delaying things till end. Also, prelims is more about mocks, revision and reading what the majority is reading (i.e. VISION).

    Coming to Mains, the hit ratio of all these coachings was very low. Yes, the content could help you indirectly but then what is the point of classes? However, since I have not given mains, a person who wrote mains would be more qualified to guide

    Thus, If someone were to ask me :

    For prelims : Vision IAS(make notes if you are not comfortable) + Test Series (Till you feel confident)

    For Mains : Make notes of Core content + Broad CA issues
    Here, one can rely on PYQ + test series papers of coachings (preferably Vision & Forum both )

  • @GaneshGaitonde Agreed. For both pre and mains, if you talk about hit ratio of any one coaching, it WILL BE LOW, especially in past 2 years. But For both prelims and mains, I have come to realize that APPLICATION of your knowledge works rather than direct recognition of facts.

    For prelims, I vouch for a more extensive and comprehensive approach to topics (and their multiple revisions) because all these things "may" directly or indirectly help you to eliminate options. This elimination technique with the help of knowledge you already have will come from PRACTICE. no doubt!
    So we need go beyond the coaching notes, go for vision + tests + etc etc. Whatever u find relevant and supplementary.

    For mains, I would say this year was different. Generally every mains is such that 60-70% questions are predictable by any coaching. But this time it was all applied. And exactly in this scenario, I think Dipin Sir's notes did a great job! I revised them multiple times and tried to internalise them. By notes, I'm not talking about the class handouts. It is his small-small value addition quotes, data points, books, etc. I had memorised them and tried to brainstorm over where all the same things could be used. So even if a difficult question comes up in UPSC, with the theme that is from syllabus, you have some value-addition differentiating content at hand.

    For eg. In this year's UNESCO question..I was able to quote UNESCO's preamble itself in the conclusion. That is not the main body, but as you see it helps in peripheral marks in such questions. Similarly, I quotes Shashi Tharoor, C rajamohan ,etc in IR questions. In the poverty &hunger question, I quoted Angus Daeton's "nutri-puzzles".

    So in Mains, I prefer going for less content, quality content and more revision.
    For pre, it is more content, more revision and more practice.

  • @nightHAWK does dipin sir provide any extra notes apart from handouts ?
    as u mentioned that his quotes and other data

  • @Raillife yes. The handouts are just very superficial. It's just tip of the iceberg. That's bare minimum part which everyone should know. Real "Masala" is his class discussion and value added points.

  • @nightHAWK ohk so means we have to add some points and other things in the notes while sir discussing/dictating

  • @nightHAWK Thankyou for the valuable insights.

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