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Strategy/booklist for PSIR optional?

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  • 1st attempt will be 2020.Need honest advice.

  • @LeoMessi

    This blog is very useful.

    Additionally, prepare intros and conclusions for expected questions on your own. For eg, if there is a question on Indo-Israeli relations, you need to have intro and conclusion on your fingertips. A question on future prospects of democracy is expected and you should be ready with 25% of the answer before you enter the exam hall. The time saved here can be used to think on more unexpected tough questions.

    If you have any more queries, you can always tag me here.

  • @vision2020 she's a masters in the subject and must have had a good hold over the subject.. So plan accordingly..

  • @Caesar Yes. But she cleared in her 3rd attempt.

  • First sit back, relax and think what optional u actually want to take pol science, electrical engineering or anthro, as u asked for electrical engg and anthro as well in another thread. Once u have decided go search for toppers strategies of the respective optional, its very easily available online. It just takes clicking a new tab and typing a few sentences. If u still feel any doubt what to do with pol science, post here, people are always ready to help.

  • @LeoMessi Finish Basic Books(or Notes)
    -Shubhra Mam's Notes are almost sufficient for Paper 1 and Paper 2(Only PartA)
    -Some References from OP Gauba; Andrew Heywood(But avoid referring too much since Shubhra Mam's Notes are extensive)
    -Solve PYQs once finished reading notes(Believe me and you will realise overtime that most of the questions are repeated from Previous Years)
    -Also do believe in yourself. No Strategy is best per se. What clicks in examination ultimately turns out to be best somehow.

  • @a2r0u2i0i2t7aras selected PSIR finally ,,But confused with booklist..

  • @LeoMessi No senior here. 2020 attempt as well but I’ve prepared on my own all this while and to put it simply it’s just this - get hold of Shubhra Ranjan notes and just be thorough with them. You might feel gaps and so but don’t bother just focus on mastering them. Once you have a base, it’s really easy to add on things to enrich and supplement your content. But if you dwell into Heywood, and Gauba and internet right now, you’ll end up nowhere. You need a rock solid base. After that, extrapolate each topic and think beyond her notes - add new dimensions, new points (but these are not going be pages long but mere lines as additions) from newspapers, ORF, Carnegie and so forth.

    That’s pretty much it as far as prep goes. Answer writing however is another game and more crucial one.

  • @LeoMessi Then first read shubhra mam notes in its entirety, dont go for reading a topic and solving questions as you won't be able to make linkages, read the entire notes i guess twice or thrice, then go for solving test series previous year, through which u wud be able to identify where exactly u can connect things, make sort of model answers or intro conclusion types for each topic, one more suggestion is make a table with thinker, key ideas and topics interlinkages in 3 columns, found this in one of the toppers, its really helpful, note down a thinker and topics wherever his or her name appears, keep a watch on latest speeches, like modi at Davos or s jaishankara interview and other stuff, for ir take mam,s notes that printed one and look for the articles of any scholar mentioned in there lately to add a stuff or 2 or any new development, will save u time. There r other lot of stuff u can innovate, u will come to know eventually, keep reading atb

  • @a2r0u2i0i2t7aras
    Just a doubt: I have heard that the classroom notes are very exhaustive while the one available at orn photo copy isn't.
    Can anyone clarify the same and if they have the classroom notes please share. I have the xerox notes available in the market.

  • @austinsteve Depends on what batch notes you're getting
    in the market. Ask for June 2018 batch notes. They are exhaustive
    and latest one.

    If possible, get crash course 2018 notes for
    dynamic part (2B) as they are the latest updated.

  • @LeoMessi Paper 1- SR notes + Gauba for Political theory (other than Ideologies) + Heywood for Political ideologies
    Paper 2- SR notes + Heywood's Global Politics

    Do the notes first. Prepare crisp notes. Do chapterwise readings from the books selectively. The books are meant for refining your arguments, scholars etc. Unless notes aren't understood well, they won't serve purpose.

    Don't get intimated by the volume of the books. You can easily cherrypick contents which need to be appended to your crisp notes if you read them wisely. Skim through and make notes alongside.

    SR notes are for understanding purpose. The books are for refinement. If you rely on books for understanding, you'd need detailed, pagewise reading which is worthless to be honest given the limited time for this exam.

  • @shubhamsatyam22484 I am not in Delhi. I am thinking to buy SR correspondence course from the her website. Will it be fine?

  • @LeoMessi Yes, it's fine.

    If possible, get the crash course 2018 videos too from
    telegram channels. You'd get the idea of writing answers watching them.
    Mere reading of notes won't help in writing answers.

  • @shubhamsatyam22484 Thanks..

  • @shubhamsatyam22484
    Is the PSIR notes available on UPSC IAS All in one app of June 2018 batch it seems exhaustive.
    Also is it recommended to buy the correspondence course of psir
    Of SR Mam for notes and dynamic part value added materials.

  • @austinsteve I've no idea about the app you're talking about. But, I would suggest you to match the price differentials of SR correspondence course with the notes available in the market.

    There are many photostat shops who can courier them upon request to any part of India.

    Also, if you buy the correspondence course, you're assured of the authenticity of the material. I'm not much sure about the shops. If you've someone residing in Delhi, you can get them verified before the shop ships the package.

  • @shubhamsatyam22484 Thanks Man, will do.

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