Prelims Preparatory Classes 2020 | 12th Dec | 8:30AM
ForumIAS Academy commences with Prelims Preparatory Classes 2020 from 12th December at 8:30AM. Attend the first two classes free on 12th and 13th December at 8:30AM. Click here to know more and register


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  • I wrote Mains in 2019 in 1st attempt. I had started preparing in July 2018 only. So, my optional wasn't prepared well. I've joined a
    test series for optional now. For next years' prelims, I want to join a good test series in around Jan-Feb as bulk of my optional
    will be covered till then.

    I've heard about the SFG program
    for prelims. Could anyone review the SFG program for prelims?

    The SFG 2020 starts from 4th December 2019. Will they start
    another SFG batch in January-February? If not, Can it be
    managed alongside an optional test series if I choose to join now?

    Veterans, please reply! I've just one day before registration for
    SFG gets over tomorrow 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  • @shubhamsatyam22484 yes there will be another batch too in Feb like every year.
    And it’s really good in my view for basic conceptual clarity and revision.

  • @shubhamsatyam22484 don't wait for next batch. Join this one, you will eventually learn how to manage.

  • Last year i joined in Feb and it was too hectic....if ur getting a chance to join now...if possible.(me joining)