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Evernote Notes lost

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  • Hi, I ran into a trouble and looking for help

    1. I format my laptop and reinstall Evernote.
    2. After syn only found old data(3 months back)
    3. I bought premium account, so they provided me notes history which is also the same old content.
      Can any one please suggest how to retrieve my Notes. I toiled hard for these notes and was about to complete it for all GS-Mains syllabus. Without these notes I loose my 3 months which is irreparable.
      Please help!
  • @Master Life is harsh man!, Keep the high spirits.

  • @Master Did you check the notes on their web server- The web server hosts the master data so, there might be a chance.

    Also, in future, please sync your notes on web server periodically. This problem happened because the data you were storing in evernotes was being saved locally in your system's evernote app. The format wiped that folder.

  • @AzadHindFauz Yes I checked it on web, not there. So is there no way?

  • @Master There's still a chance. Did you take backup of C:\ before doing the format? There's a path in C:\ where evernote data keeps getting stored. Your backup might have it.

    You'd need to replace the "current folder with the data" (Same path) with "folder with the old data".
    The said folder will be inside 'Evernote' folder in C:\Programs. (Not sure about the exact path).

    Please check if it works.

  • @Master notes should not have been lost post formatting considering they are synced to cloud.

    Login to Evernote web check trash.

    If that doesn’t work, click on use old Evernote version option somewhere in top tab on Evernote web. I had a notebook missing - and switching to old version fixed it.

    If you have bought premium - you are now eligible to contact Evernote for tech assistance regarding lost notes.

    Hope it helps.

    Also, moving forward, if at all you’ve to start from scratch (I hope not), I suggest using OneNote with backup one OneDrive. Native app on windows and much better than Evernote for free.

  • @Hermione_Granger didnt know about one note, thanks i just saw it and its amazing for note making, so organised. Thanks

  • @Master Hve you checked in temp files of evernote data in c drive ?

  • @starks Not there, I thought it got automatically sync to cloud, so formatted C drive. Nothing there

  • @Master btw thanks for the post.Its an eye-opener for others. Do check whether sys setting of pc app is disabled or not?

  • @a2r0u2i0i2t7aras said in Evernote Notes lost:

    @Hermione_Granger didnt know about one note, thanks i just saw it and its amazing for note making, so organised. Thanks

    It won’t be easy to transition from Evernote to one note, especially if you have gotten used to it.

    If you are a heavy user, you already would have

    the plus or premium subscription. After reading this I was mortally scared because this should not happen to anyone.

    And to make matters worse I was making some good notes myself today and suddenly the window closed and my notes were nowhere.

    What we probably need, apart from the Evernote backup, another backup on Dropbox or google drive or something, so that we have a redundant backup.

    Let us know if you switch to one note and the transition is successful. A lot of people would be waiting to see you successfully execute this .

  • @Neyawn Sir a query that forum has stopped offline batch of CA. I went Today and learn't about it. Will there is chance for it to re-open although the last late was 16th November to enroll. Please help in this regard !!

  • This seems like a nightmare for an aspirant. Just for future help, how to ensure that the data doesn't get lost all at once on Evernote. Is syncing regularly enough?

  • @Master had a partitioning issue on my drives and lost some data after formatting. Though I am not sure if this would help but you can try.

    For cloud issues, only Evernote guys can help you. But you can also try retrieving Evernote files locally.

    Step 1: must not be using the same drive where Evernote was or the files were stored as it would be overwritten.

    Step 2: find the extension for Evernote filetype called ".exb" these are local files saved on computer (before formatting event) apart from cloud storage.

    Step 3: try recovery softwares ( to retrieve files after events like formatting) and locate this filetype. If found, make copies and open it after backing up/exporting your current Evernote status (3 months old data Wala evernote).

    This has worked for some word and data files I was searching, should work for other filetypes as well provided step 1 is followed.

    If you are sure that your files were synced on cloud then do push Evernote guys to look into it. If not, hard luck. Evernote has issues like these. Hence do sync on regular intervals from now on and even export the notebooks to your external hard drive or OneNote (just in case).

  • try looking for a "windows.old" folder in C://

    The old folder of evernote might be lying there.

  • @Master i would advise to take professional help. You will save time either way. If any paid version of data recovery software helps than your hard work is saved. And if it can't be recovered you can focus your energy on your next move.
    Whatever you want to do, just do it quickly. Don't waste your time on trying to solve technical problem by reading online tech articles or asking amateurs.
    Hope you get back your data, and if not, i wish you make all those notes again in less amount of time. All the best.👍

    P.s. you will have enough time to regret for your mistake in future whether you crack the exam or not. So please dont make a mistake of regretting at this time and losing the rhythm of preparation.

  • @JaiShreeRam Turn synchronise setting to after every 2 minute (in case your evernote crashes- mine was creating problem once) or 'synchronise when I exit'. As evernote give free access over at least two devices put another in manual synchronise mode and synchronise it periodically. Even in case you lost data in one device lets say feom laptop, copy paste the data from other (Android/other device) to some other place (or make a gmail draft) and re add it. I once lost one whole page, was on this setting so was able to recover it (except images/ clips-you have to download them manually). In the above case I think the @Master forgot to periodically sync the material to online database.

  • @Neyawn sir found a software BACKUPERY that makes automatic and regular backup of Evernote on the desired destination whether g drive or local folder.

  • @Hermione_Granger Are the one note notes stored on one drive as pdf files?

  • @Dexter2601 Nah, they'll be a backup .one extension OneNote file. But that said, its super easy to backup as pdf just click Ctrl+P while on any page in OneNote and in the window that opens change from Current Page to Notebook to save entire notebook as one PDF. Its well formatted, works fine.

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