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SFG2020 entrance test

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  • How was your test? Were the question papers different in different shifts? Did you like the level/difficulty/quality of questions? What could be the thresold marks for top 100?

  • @AzadHindFauz static part was easy, current affairs part was moderate, CSAT part, especially English was somewhat tough as per UPSC level, overall I guess if you're scoring anywhere between 76 to 82 you have a chance of entering top 100. Either way you'll otherwise get into rlg and have a chance to upgrade to sfg next month (top 50 of rlg get into sfg and bottom 50 of sfg are transferred rlg, irrespective of whether your individual score) i.e its based on your relative performance in the group

  • when does the results comes out , i guess they do not disclose the marks and answers !!