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  • Hi, there is a growing importance of newspaper in prelims paper also, but ultimately we tend to rely upon yearly compilations like PT365. Can anyone share their experience where newspaper note making yielded more dividend than PT materials.
    I am in dilemma, whether to make notes from newspaper for PT or just go as usual.

  • @Master in the same doubt

    I have started making notes 1-3 liner only and for mains best practices and example again 1-2 line only but it takes too much time

  • @Raillife also i am watching a analysis video

  • Let me share my experience.
    Started reading hindu since 2013-14 for info(at that time had no intention of giving upsc) and hence no notes between 2014 to 2016.
    Started making notes from 15 august 2016.not everyday but combined np of 15-20 days read them at once and made notes (I was in full time mba so no time).Cleared pre in 2017 and got 115.67.
    Post 2017 I realized np does'nt cover background of the news but still continued with it till May 2018(did'nt write 2018 exam due to mba commitments.
    Missed all current info between June to July 2018.
    From August 2018 read insights daily ca and daily quiz and made notes out of it (did'nt do it daily but once in 20-25 days) and mugged it up.
    Meanwhile from October 2018 made notes from insights secure once every 25 days and mugged them up every 2 months.
    Advantage of insights over hindu and vision is that it covers articles from several newspapers and is very detailed compared to vision.
    Today I have 1500 pages of notes worth current divided into 19 topics such as polity,economy, science,women,environment, india China,us,bangladesh,pakistan and revised all of them in last 1 month along with sociology 1507 pages worth of notes.
    All notes were handwritten.
    U will have to chalk out ur own path.
    Suno sab ki karo apne man ki.
    Jai bajrang bali

  • @bevancom bhai time jyada nhi jaata isme?

  • @Raillife jaata hai par agar ek hi attempt mein exam nikalwane mein very helpful.
    Also u can do it only if u r doing self study and hence time is not being wasted in coaching.

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