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any suggestion to improve langauge? i have switched my medium from Hindi to English considering the poor performance of hindi medium in recent years

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  • i have been student of hindi medium throughout my academics ,will it be a prudent decision to switch medium at this point of time..i have got no problem in reading but while writing i feel that i am unable to formulate sentence at the required speed and sometimes sentence formation seems to be childish too

  • I don't know how efficient it will be but maybe you should try writing along with radio commentary. That'll help with sentence formation, vocabulary as well as overall writing speed too.
    Vision IAS app has these recordings of daily AIR broadcasts.

  • @Chanakya how it will help in sentence formation
    Sentences formation ka problem i am also facing.

  • @Raillife some of the broadcast are in form interviews with bureaucrats(Q/A format). To I guess they're able to articulate governance related issues in a better manner and we can try to learn from their language/sentence formation and approach to questions. Also we don't require flowery language for UPSC but yes it should be grammatically correct and its always good to include some bureaucratic keywords (technical terms)

  • @peelu you could try thinking in English. It helps people improve their sentence formation.

  • @Chanakya writing speed I mean is that Ideas come into my mind only in Hindi and I have to translate them into English thus I have to think in Hindi first and then translate but sometimes I am unable to translate or take a lot of time to pen down my ideas.thats what I am most concerned about. I am seriously in a fix!
    I am expressive, I am able to convey?

  • @paranthapijja actually I need someone who can tell me when I am not able to put my ideas in an efficient manner

  • @peelu I guess for that you'll need regular feedback yaar, which can only be obtained through test series, or if you have a study group that might help as well. And if your trouble is with thinking in English then you should also focus on vocabulary, sometimes we can't find the right word which ends up complicating our structure. And ye to yaar practice se hi hoga no other alternative, the more you practice the better you'll get ( cliched hai but yahi satya hai๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜‰)

  • Hollywood Movies dekho subtitles ke sath aur Wren and Martin Padho...The HinduEditorials padho aur apne words me likho...
    Shuruaat me problem hogi but finally it will immensly help u.
    All d best

  • @Chanakya agreed, in fact, you have hit the bull's eyes! all I need is polishing right now as I have been working on this for a while so have through all basic grammar books too but it is not yielding any result anymore because I need someone who can come to my rescue when I find writing my ideas difficult in sentences but unfortunately I do not have any such person who can help me in honing my writing skill.thanks for your valuable suggestion.

    Am I understandable or writing just rubbish?

  • @gomsimeena1472 i have already gone through wren and martin will do as you have suggested regarding writing an editorial in my own language..thanks!

  • @peelu
    There are many basic English grammar teachers in the every area. With a 1-2 months of regular practice with them there will be a lot improvement. They charge like regular tuition teachers about 3-4 k pm.

  • @Chanakya bhai is there any way to English and writing skills... my english writing is poor i couldn't transform the lengthy sentence to simple one that's lots of cramming need to be done

  • @peelu hi do u found any improvement to your english and writing skills after reading/completing wren Martin

    I also heard about word power made easy

  • @Raillife bhai, Reading wren and martin will help but you should emphasise on descriptive grammar and to improve your descriptive grammar, you need to peruse 4 chapter which in my opinion are must for someone who is looking to ameliorate his English. *
    Non-finite verb*
    **Transformation **
    **narration **
    I am not judging you but please go through tenses too as you are making mistake in Verb. Like you have used "DO" in place of "Have"

  • am I missing something? as far as UPSC is concerned your English, gauging from what you have written here, seems fine as hell.

  • @John_Titor thanks for boosting my morale bhai, i will try thinking in English itself since i think in Hindi and translate it, it hampers flow in my writing.

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