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How to make digital notes ?

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  • I have bought an Ipad but i am still not getting how to use it effectively. Can any one explain step by step how to make notes from pdf of a newspaper/any other material ?

    i would like to use split screen mode, newspaper on the left side and onenote/noteability/goodnote on the other side.
    Peoblem is that I got to know that i have to use flexcil/pdfexpert/goodreader/margin notes to highlight and underline the pdf than only i can copy paste the selected text in onenote/other similar apps.

    Which app is better to highlight/underline the text in newspaper pdf ? I would like to highlight/underline it as we do it with hardcopy. After finishing the newspaper i want the highlighted text to be copied to onenote/other app and i may add some points by writing myself.

    I have watched many videos and narrowed down to
    Flexcil, good reader and margin notes. But still i am not sure. I ll really appreciate any help regarding this. Thanks.

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