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How to deal with emotional breakdowns ?

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  • Hello everyone.. i am preparing for upsc from past 3 years . This is my fourth year . So much things have happened in these years that broke my confidence a lot of times . But somehow i rise and again try to shine . But in meantime I have lost all my friends. I am preparing from home . Now most of the times i feel helpless and sad . I feel like i am ignored and lonely on this planet . Everytime a new negative thought emerge in my mind . And it become so huge that i can see it with open eyes . I feel like crying all the times . I want to know is it normal . Or if it is normal how to deal it . ?

  • @Justdoit Check PM

  • @Justdoit it's normal. I feel low during mains which is more horrible. And your name just do it tells you're positive. Feel bad issue. Exam is far. In one month you'll be out of this negative thought

  • @kanailalbal115 thanku . But this name was adopted at the glorious times . But currently from past 2 months i am not in positive state . Tried a lot of things . Moreover I had breakup recently.

  • @Justdoit It is normal, happens to everyone who has been on this journey for quite some time. I couldn't even clear pre in my first 3 attempts. Friend circle will change anyway, even if you had been on other job, you probably would have lost touch with old friends. Stay positive. Once you clear some milestone like mains, you will get your positive energy back.

  • @Justdoit A good book will be your companion...try books like The Alchemist.I will suggest you one thing, if possible please do it- RUN will find a renewed version of yourself in few days.

  • @Justdoit What you're feeling is normal. You need to stop thinking about the fact that new negative thoughts keep coming in your mind. Let them come. Thoughts are like clouds in the sky, they come and they go. Don't engage with them.

    You may find it a good idea to learn more about mindfulness. It is easier said than done but very important for a civil servant.

    Regarding failure, it is again expected and common. But what makes us uncommon is our desire to get up and try again. And uncommon people succeed.

    I have suffered through anxiety disorder and panic attacks, I know how the negativity spiral can take control of us and never let go but please try mindfulness. The best advice I can give is to stop taking life this seriously. Get out of your head, play some games, walk in the park. Engage your senses.

    I would like to quote one of our seniors. You can read the complete article here.

    "Now, metaphorically, let us assume that if you have to walk the road up to LBSNAA, it is a journey of 50,00,000 steps. Maybe it is less or more for you depending on where you are starting from. All you have to do, each day, is to get up and walk 50 steps. And remember that every time you think of the entire long journey, you lose focus of what is in sight and you will end up walking only 10. That isn’t what we want, right? Have the discipline – no matter what happens, you walk 50 steps. Listen to me, my dear. You cannot question your effort, your decisions, your central beliefs every day and every moment. You made a choice, now lock it, put it in a tiny little corner of your mind, and throw the key away. Once you do that, you forget the destination and the distance – you remember only the hard work that you need to do each day. Get up in the morning – work – sleep. Repeat each day until you finish the 50,00,000 steps."

  • @Justdoit even i had break up just before interview..i managed to score quite high. So break up has no relation with studies outcome. But i understand it feels bad. Watch YouTube videos on break up . It is helpful. Why to think of someone who doesn't think of us. Rather by becoming civil servant we can make difference in people's life and ppl will think of us then.

  • @Behemoth Yes . I do running. For 1-2 hours i feel great . But as the day passes, thoughts take over my entire potential. I don’t have thoughts regarding my future . My past mistakes are haunting me

  • Even gym helps. Watch funny videos in youtube. And sometimes do feel proud of your strength you are still on, even though whatever happened

  • @Justdoit Well this may not sound so good but I'd still suggest - put a plastic rubber bank around your hand. Every time a thought creeps it, just pull it. The pain will remind you how much wrong you are doing to yourself.

  • @kanailalbal115 that’s true . I shouldn’t think for someone. But still i do . Sometimes I crave for someone to talk out my heart . To share what’s happening in my life . But at second thought i feel like no this is my journey I should get up and change . But end result is just emptiness and sadness .

  • @Joeyisthebest that’s quite good and innovative 🙂

  • @thistooshallpass really inspiring 🙂

  • @Justdoit and tested.

    Please know even if its your journey (which it is) there is no harm talking to someone and get rid of how you feel about things. Since you constantly are engaged in this battle of whether to talk or not to talk/whom to talk etc. you drain yourself much more than you think. Just do whatever it takes to get your mental peace - NOTHING, absolutely nothing is more important to focus on studies more than that.

  • @Joeyisthebest right . Because of the mental peace i am lagging. And as the time pass , i feel more disturbed

  • @Justdoit It's a vicious cycle. You need to break it and everything will fall into place. If you get your mental peace, you will be able to study more efficiently which will eventually lead to less disturbance.

    Don't get into this confusion of whether to do or not to do something kind of stuff. It will never end. Just flip a coin and you will know when it is up what you really want. Do that and get over it. The more time you spend thinking over it, more you destruct yourself.

  • @Joeyisthebest that’s true .

  • @Justdoit Hi, It is totally relatable. Such emotional ups and downs are normal and are part & parcel of UPSC journey. I have learnt that UPSC is an individual battle and can't be compared with that of other peers. One has to conquer it in their own way. Resilience is the key to succeed. So stay strong and keep pushing yourself to achieve the goal. Remember 'Ant bhala to Sab bhala(all is well if end is well)'
    All the best!

  • @Justdoit Bhai all of us have faced more or less similar situations in this journey ... especially this phase Sept to Dec ..bas it's matter of few moments and parts of our journey ..let it over aap khud bologe ki Kya tha wo chill bro all these things are preparing us for a glorious future a true fighter and a good person.

    Parmar Sir (Vajiram)ke words me arj kiya hai

    All the best bro ..we all are here just a msg away

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